IRGC announces seizure, release of US unmanned vessel in PG

TEHRAN, Aug. 31 (MNA) – The Public Relations Department of IRGC Navy Force on Wednesday announced in a statement the details of the seizure and release of the American terrorist navy vessel by IRGC Navy’s forces in the Persian Gulf.

The text of the statement is as follows,

Following the ridiculous claim of the commander of the US CENTCOM Terrorist Organization that the IRGC Navy tried to seize an American unmanned vessel in the Persian Gulf and accusing the act of protectors of the security and national interests of Iran in this strategic region of destabilizing, illegal and unprofessional  which were republished by the media outlets affiliated to the empire of domination and Zionism, this is to inform for enlightening of the public opinion:

On Tuesday August 30, an American unmanned sea drone, whose navigation communications were cut off, was controlled and towed by IRGC Navy in the Persian Gulf in order to prevent the unsafe passage of the commercial vessels and oil tankers.

IRGC announces seizure, release of US unmanned vessel in PG

The timely and intelligent action of IRGC Navy forces in controlling and towing the said vessel was made with the aim of securing the shipping route and preventing a possible accident which has occurred in the region in the recent weeks.

After the investigations made in this regard and certainty of mistake of American forces as well as ensuring that there is no threat to the security and national interests of Islamic Republic of Iran, the necessary warnings were given to the US Navy in order not to repeat such illegal behaviors, and the mentioned vessel was released by the decision of the commander of the IRGC Navy.

As it has been emphasized for many times, presence of the US terrorist forces in the Persian Gulf has always jeopardized the stability and security of this sensitive and strategic region.


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