Automatic doors and entrance solutions

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Automatic doors are designed with attractive framing and sleek styles to complement any entry.

Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to unobstructed views and allowing natural light into a building. automatic sliding glass doors are a durable and welcoming entrance solution. Automatic sliding door operators create easy hands-free access. The sliding door operators offer silent and smooth door opening. The sliding doors are tested for one-million cycles in harsh weather.

Revolving Automatic Doors

Revolving Automatic Doors are available in hundreds of configurations for virtually any entrance. The beauty of automatic revolving doors can be found in buildings worldwide. Buildings with heavy traffic require entrances that are safe, secure, and user-friendly. If you are looking for quick traffic flow in high-volume situations, then revolving doors from Bentur are the answer. For over 20 years, skilled engineers have created beautiful, functional, and spacious revolving door systems. To ensure dependable operation, developed and perfected its operating hardware, including the renowned book fold system and a uniquely designed weather seal. In minimizing external air exchange, a revolving door will usually pay for itself in energy savings within three-to-five years.

Sectional Garage Doors

The sliding sectional doors are the ideal solution for special fitting situations. In contrast to up-and-over doors, sectional doors, or roller garage doors, this type of door opens to the side instead of upwards. This is especially advantageous if, for example, the garage ceiling has to remain free to store items (e.g. a surfboard) or the door leaf cannot be stowed underneath or fixed to the ceiling due to construction reasons (sloped roof, low lintel, or obstructive drainpipes).

Automatic doors and entrance solutions

Automatic Doors complete with a break-out mechanism

The automatic doors, complete with a break-out mechanism, combine the functionality of a sliding door with the possibility of opening the leaves in a break-out position, thus allowing maximum passage area. The door operates in its normal mode (sliding and automatic) and in case of an emergency, the leaves are folded by simply pushing them outward and folding back to the sides allowing a wide-open passage of evacuation. Our panic break-out doors are recommended for public buildings such as airports, stations, or supermarkets or in facilities where an access area of greater dimensions than usual is required. These doors are compatible with several of our accessories, including the Optima program selector, the Smart program selector, remote control, automatic lock, security photocells, staff access identification, and access control system. Available with framed and transparent leaves.

Automatic Hospital Door (Hermetic)

There are different types of automatic doors used in hospitals, some of which can be used in other buildings, but some are for use in hospitals. Types of automatic hospital doors can be used in various departments such as ICU, radiology departments, and with X-rays. Doors have a lot of variety in opening and closing and their hinges. One of the features of a hospital automatic door is that it has a layer of lead inside that prevents the radiation used in radiology, radiotherapy, and… from being absorbed and not spreading out. These doors are ordered and produced in different sizes depending on the space used. A series of ordinary automatic doors are also used for entry and exit sections that have different hinges.

Automatic Swing Door

Exterior and interior swinging doors provide flexibility, efficiency, and automated convenience for every entrance. Low-energy and full-energy automatic swing door mechanism configurations are available to meet any access requirement. Our operators help you ensure a comfortable and secure entryway for your guests. Browse our options to see how you can double the appeal and enhance the functionality of your swing door entrance with an automatic swing door system that’s specifically designed for your needs. Our automatic swing door openers include surface-mounted door operators, overhead concealed door operators, and in-floor, low-energy automatic door operators.

Automatic Folding Door

When space is limited, look to commercial automatic folding doors for maximum door opening. Whether you choose a two- or four-panel folding door, you are assured of an automatic entrance package that provides convenience and accessibility in the smallest of environments. The Fold delivers an excellent advancement in commercial folding door technology. It provides barrier-free, two-way traffic convenience in just a fraction of the space required by an automatic sliding door or swing door. With these automatic folding doors, you can achieve maximum convenience even in the tightest of corridors. A folding automatic door system is ideal for retrofit projects or new construction and has an unlimited possibility of applications.

Automatic doors and entrance solutions

Automatic Industrial Doors

The door is designed with a steel structure. When it is not a daylighting structure, can adopt the polyurethane panels and new insulation materials; When daylighting is required, use a solar panel or a new material with good insulation and light transmission properties; the track is composed of multiple grooves and the sealing material adopts EPDM rubber and industrial brush, with the characteristics of low-temperature resistance, weather resistance, flatness and smoothness, and good elasticity.

Automatic Telescopic Sliding door

Automatic telescopic doors offer a great benefit when space is limited. By incorporating an additional sliding door active leaf, a telescopic automatic sliding door allows you to gain additional clear door opening … particularly welcome in the tightest of spaces. The telescopic is an automatic telescopic door that sets a new standard in telescopic performance by providing superior support and stability. By utilizing an exclusive “door on door” design, the telescopic automatic sliding door has an innovative design that improves upon inferior suspended track systems.


Therefore, in this article, we presented a comprehensive method for buying an automatic door and a reliable solution for buying an electric door. Also, for a free consultation, you can call the phone number of Bentur Automatic Door company at +905531705026. The company's experts provide complete explanations about the order for the manufacture of automatic doors and electric shutters and provide you with various products of Bentur Automatic Door to make the right decision.

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