US, NATO main threats to national maritime security

TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – The US course towards dominance in the World Ocean and NATO’s mounting activity are major security threats to Russia, as follows from the new Maritime Doctrine approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

The new document was posted on the Russian government’s legal information web portal.

"The major challenges and threats to the national security and the sustainable development of the Russian Federation related to the World Ocean are the US strategic course towards dominance in the World Ocean and its global influence on international processes, including those related to the use of transportation lanes and energy resources of the World Ocean," the document says, TASS reported.

The new doctrine also identifies the expansion of the NATO military infrastructure to the Russian borders and the growing number of the military bloc’s drills in the seas adjacent to Russian territory as major security threats.

The new doctrine points to the attempts by the United States and its allies to limit Russia’s access to the World Ocean’s resources and vitally important sea transportation lanes and the US desire to achieve the overwhelming supremacy of its Navy.

NATO’s expansion to Russian borders is unacceptable in Moscow’s relations with the military bloc, as follows from the new Maritime Doctrine.

"NATO’s plans of moving its military infrastructure close to the Russian borders and the alliance’s attempts to assume global functions continue to be unacceptable for the Russian Federation and remain a determining factor in its relations with NATO," the document reads.

As the doctrine specifies, Russia’s national maritime policy in the Atlantic region is shaped by taking into account the existence of NATO whose activity "is aimed at direct confrontation with the Russian Federation and its allies."


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