Bodybuilding makes sense along with morality in football

TEHRAN, Feb. 23 (MNA) – In professional football, bodybuilding makes sense along with morality, said a researcher in sports science.

In this regard, Professor Alireza Abbasi, born on August 25, 1987, in Tehran, a prominent researcher in football and futsal in the world, said, "It must be admitted that many of our technical and professional weaknesses are sometimes due to the lack of sports ethics on the field, and unfortunately, in order to find a moral model in football and futsal, we have to look for it with a lantern.

Unfortunately, in our football and futsal, when someone makes a mistake and commits an ugly and abnormal move, everyone, from the player to the head coach and the manager and the head and president of the federation, starts to project.

As a player needs a coach to become a professional and learn the basics of the game, why should not we be indifferent to a higher and more important issue such as literature and ethics, in this part the player does not have a moral coach.

Bodybuilding makes sense along with morality in football

Ethics education should be considered along with physical education, and clubs should take this seriously, and in this regard, the cultural institutions of the society should help the clubs and the football federation.

Ethics in sports today is the basis of loyalty and commitment to the principle of humanism, but a question?  Is there really a moral issue in our football today?

While our teenagers are looking for their objective role model in national champions, is it right for them to step on the field with a decorated appearance just because of the freedoms of our national hero?  Well, it is natural and natural that teenagers, seeing that so-called national football player, set an example and think that this is the right and normal behavior, so it will be his full-fledged mirror.

Unfortunately, in our football, loyalty, morality and observance of spirituality means attending religious ceremonies, which are sometimes done by force.  Although participation in this ceremony is a value, let us accept that religious ceremonies should be developed along with politeness and lack of false pride."

Bodybuilding makes sense along with morality in football

Abbasi added, "False pride in the word means: to be deceived and deceived.  Pride is a vicious trait that causes a footballer to pursue actions that are in line with his breath.  Pride is good if it means accepting and believing in all your abilities, strengths, talents and weaknesses.

If winning national and transnational medals and honors are accompanied by the spirit of heroism and fair behavior and are accompanied by morality and religion, the athlete will be more in the heart of society.  In your opinion, how many of these proud football players of the country can you name who are popular among the people?

The subject of ethics is the relationship, and the relationship is not merely a relationship with a competitor.  The issue of ethics is a relationship with a teammate and even with oneself.  No sports law can tell a football player how to treat a friend and how not to involve personal love and hate in a sporting and humane relationship with his teammate."

Bodybuilding makes sense along with morality in football

"Today, the position of football and futsal among the countries of the world has special features and has been proposed as a cultural and social phenomenon and it has reached the social spheres.  For this reason, studies in the field of football and the study of its cultural and social dimensions seem necessary.  Most countries, for various reasons, such as introducing their country's culture and civilization to other countries and attracting tourists and developing the tourism industry, are seeking to hold Olympics, World Cups, etc., and close competition for quotas and football matches in their country with countries.  They have others.

 Therefore, if we consider football as a profession, we must say that sports ethics is a kind of professional ethics.  Therefore, just as we in medicine, engineering, business and economics need to follow norms, so does the need to follow moral and social behaviors. You can see some of your veterans, greats and ethicists of Iranian football and futsal in the pictures below," he noted. 

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Professor Alireza Abbasi.

Alireza Abbasi Researcher in sports science

 And the well-known face of the world of futsal and football

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