Why China, Russia cooperation with Iran misinterpreted?

TEHRAN, Jan. 01 (MNA) – In the Vienna talks, some claimed that Russia and China are leading the Iranian negotiators.

Vienna talks are reaching a sensitive point while some media try to put pressure on the Iranian negotiating team.

The claim that the Iranian negotiating team is led by China and particularly Russia is one of the main axes of the propaganda.

The claim is generally made based on Russia’s envoy in Vienna talks Mikhail Ulyanov’s remarks who is trying to pave the way for a good deal by persuading his country to cooperate with Iran after Iran’s clever efforts.

All the propaganda against the Iranian negotiating team is in line with the adversarial media’s efforts to create a rift between Iran and the East. In one of the cases Iran International (Persian language television station headquartered in London) deliberately and falsely translated one of Ulyanov’s remarks which led to his fierce response as well as returning of the reporter who broadcast the false translation to his country.

Some media have claimed that in recent talks, Russia and China have persuaded Iran to drop some of its maximum demands which are followed by Iran’s agreement to start talks on the basis of a draft set by the previous Iranian government last spring.

In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to some points:

Although what is stated is true, it is presented in a way that misleads the audience.

The official news published by Iran regarding the agreement on the new drafts is not fundamentally different from Ulyanov's remarks, as it was stated, “Our comments were applied in the original text, and of course, a new text is on the agenda, but the basis of the new text is the June 6 text.”

The other fact is that the June 6th text does not include all of Iran’s suggestions which is not strange. Does the fact that Iran’s consultation with Russia and China to modify the proposals of June 6 indicate that the two countries have imposed their views on Iran?

It is clear that if all Iran’s proposals or the other parties are to come in one text, there is basically no need to negotiate and one party should dictate and the other party would be only responsible for writing!

The purpose of the negotiation is to bring the proposals of the parties closer to each other and to reach an agreed text that is definitely not 100% approved by either party. 

Therefore, the assumption that Iran has agreed to back down from its demands due to its absolute submission to the "Russian-Chinese views" is basically irrational and based on a lack of proper understanding of the negotiation.

Considering the scheduled visits of Iranian president Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi to Russia and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian to China which is going to be carried out in the framework of the 13th Iranian administration’s strategy towards the East, some are seeking to undermine the strategy and prove their ideas of following the Western’s lead.


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