10 top-rated tourist attractions in Tehran

TEHRAN, Aug. 02 (MNA) – Tehran, the city that never sleeps, is the energetic, electric capital of Iran. Sitting at the foot of the towering snow-capped Alborz Mountains, Tehran is the nation’s most dynamic and liberal city.

Tehran is included nearly on all Iran travel itineraries and deserves about two or three days in your plans. Many visitors have expressed that Tehran is similar to European capitals, young and lively. Just like other big capitals all around the world, Tehran is a mish-mash of everything; and it’s beautiful. People are diverse. There are a plethora of things to do in Tehran that you wouldn’t want to miss. And that is precisely why there are so many Tehran travel guides on the internet.

10 top-rated tourist attractions in Tehran

Top Places to Visit in Tehran

With all the tourist attractions in Iran like historical sites, natural beauties, and hospitable people, Iran travel will etch in your memory. As an experienced Iran travel agency, we are here to help you in your travel to Iran with the best Iran tours and Iran visa service.

10 top-rated tourist attractions in Tehran

Palaces: Golestan, Sa’ad Abad, and Niavaran complexes

Being the capital for Qajar and Pahlavi monarchies from 1796 - 1979, Tehran has a myriad of worth-the-visit palaces. The UNESCO-registered Golestan Palace was the evidential center of several Qajarid kings and Reza Shah, the creator of the Pahlavi dynasty self-coroneted himself in a Napoleonian style. The fairer and greener mansions like Sa’ad Abad and Niavaran Complexes, in the mountainous weather of Tehran, were then the kings' recreational palaces. These Tehran attractions will take you back to Iran's contemporary history.

Parks: Mellat, Ab o Atash, Chitgar, Sa’ee

Since Tehran is a large city and located at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, the weather can be different in various parts of the city. There are about 600 meters of difference in altitude between the northern and southern neighborhoods, 30 km away from each other. Similar to many other parts of Iran, Tehran’s weather is generally dry. But, the dwellers and visitors can enjoy green sceneries, beautiful flower work, and the pleasant romantic atmosphere of parks anywhere in the cities. Some of them are national forests or natural spots of the old days of the city that are now in the middle of modern Tehran. And, some are man-made recreational spaces with modern elements and facilities. All of them are good choices for having a calm afternoon in the noisy Tehran.

Traditional Bazaars: Tajrish and the Grand Bazaar

Bazaars are Tehran’s inner cities. Believe it or not, Tehran’s Grand Bazaar is 10 km long. With so many corridors and a couple of entrances, the southern bazaar in the more traditional parts of Tehran is a city within a city. Walking in the bazaar is a beautiful experience: the ceiling beautifully lets in a ray of sun, barely touching your skin, while the smell of spices from all parts of the world, takes you to foreign lands.

Tajrish bazaar, however, is a bit different from our typical bazaar all around Iran. Bazaars are usually the heart of a traditional part of town, while Tajrish bazaar is located in the north of the city, where the more affluent families of Tehran live. Usually part of Tehran sightseeing plans, Tajrish Bazaar is a great place to spend an evening while also visiting the neighboring holy shrine, when the devoted come to pray.

Shopping malls: Palladium, Iran mall, Mega Mall

Besides the traditional Bazaars with all their authentic atmosphere and hustles, there are these huge and modern shopping malls that abound in the affluent parts of Tehran. These Tehran attractions, like Palladium in northern Tehran, Iran Mall in the northwest, and Mega Mall in the west provide suitable places to visit in Tehran for the upper class to buy their favorite western brand or enjoy an exotic foreign meal with their families in their food court. Visiting Iran Mall with its unique architecture takes at least two full days.

Towers: Milad and Azadi towers

Confused about what to see in Tehran? Imagine standing on Milad Tower, west of the capital, 435 meters high in the sky, in an evening. One will think of how enormous and never-ending Tehran is. Lights flickering from all sides humbly remind you of How Iran’s heartbeat looks like. But hey, let’s get down from that gigantic tower and go to the more down-to-earth Azadi tower. Once, the symbol of Tehran, Azadi tower stands dignified and forgiving, close to the west bus terminal. It is so inspiring to watch.

Museums: National, Jewelry, and Contemporary Art Museums

What Tehran doesn’t lack is museums. Here’s the capital of Persia, bearing the weight of world-conquering dynasties. The pre-Islamic part of Iran’s National Museum, located at 30 Tir street, showcases some of Iran’s most identifiable artefacts. In the same street, you can find a myriad of other museums as well.

But one of the best museums in Tehran is its Jewelry museum, located within the Central Bank of Iran in Ferdowsi Street. Open only in limited hours because of security issues, the Jewelry museum houses Qajar and Pahlavi precious gems.

However, if watching valuable metals doesn’t interest you, and you want to see more ‘real’ art, then don’t worry, Tehran has got you covered! There are a number of artistic things to do in Tehran! Head to Park Laleh, and visit Tehran’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Gorgeous both from outside and inside, TMoCA is a lovely modern change in the more traditional Iran.

There are many more museums in Tehran. The War Museum, the biggest and most modern museum in Iran by now, demonstrates the days of the imposed war from Iraq to Iran.

The Persian Gulf Lake and Bamland Complex

From 2010, the deserted land of Tehran witnessed a great change. The artificial lake of Khalije Fars (literally the Persian Gulf) is now floating there. Though it is not natural, it has become among the most famous Tehran attractions. Around this pleasant lake, you can walk, sit by the stone beach, have a cup of coffee or delicious Persian and foreign dish. In the eastern part of the lake, the Bamland complex is located with its brand luxury shops, restaurants and amusement park.

Tabiat (Nature) Bridge

The hills of Abbasabad in the northwest of Tehran, are like Tehran lungs. In recent ten years, many public facilities and recreational centers were established there. The Book Garden, the Arts Garden the War Museum, the Water And Fire Park are some of them. They are on both sides of a highway going through these hills.

Towering mountains surround Tehran. Many travelers from all over the world visit Tehran to climb the highest, potentially active volcano in Asia and the highest peak in the Middle East, Damavand. It is only 30 kilometers away from Tehran towards the east, and on a clear day, it is even visible from the Azadi tower in the west of Tehran. But the more accessible mountain range, that doesn’t need a ride out of town is the Tochal mountains, north of the capital. Towering at 4000 meters and more, Tochal mount stands over Tehran, majestic and grand, inviting climbers and nature-lovers alike. You can never run out of things to do in Tehran.

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