Briefing on Iran’s daily developments

TEHRAN, Aug. 02 (MNA) – The following are the Islamic Republic of Iran’s latest developments in the last 24 hours.

Leader to endorse Raeisi's presidential decree on Tue.

The presidential decree of newly-elect president Ebrahim Raeisi will be endorsed by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei in a ceremony on Tuesday.

A host of high-ranking officials of the country will also participate in the Tuesday ceremony at Imam Khomeini Hussainia. 

He will be authorized as the new Iranian President by Ayatollah Khamenei.

The ceremony will be broadcast live at 10:30 a.m. (local time) on Tuesday from the Iranian national TV, Leader's official website and official pages on social media.

Iran rejects as "baseless" Bahraini court's allegations

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman rejected as "baseless", "distorted", and "politically motivated" the allegations against the Iranian central bank and some other banks recently made by a Bahraini court.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly rejects the actions attributed to the Central Bank and other Iranian banks in Bahrain," Saeed Khatibzadeh, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said on Sunday in response to questions asked by journalists about a ruling by a court in Bahrain that found the Central Bank of Iran guilty of criminal charges of money laundering on July 29.


Neighbors are not place of contention with others for Iran

n reaction to Biden's letter about Iran in a meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran has not made its neighboring countries a place of contention with others.

Speaking in his weekly press conference, Saeed Khatibzadeh answered questions on a wide range of topics.

'No limit to demands of Westerners from Iran'

In an interview with Mehr News, the spokesman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said there is no limit to the westerners' demands from Iran and they advance in case Iran draws back.

Reacting to the recent American threat to boycott the sale of Iranian oil to China, Mahmoud Abbaszadeh Meshkini said, "Westerners, especially the Americans, assume that by such threats they can put pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, while the threats and sanctions are fruitless."

Noting that the Americans are in need of holding negotiations and reaching an agreement with the Islamic Republic more than Iran, he added that Iran's administration will take an active diplomacy approach and will act upon the Parliament's ratified "Strategic Action Plan to Lift Sanctions and Protect Iranian Nation's Interests".

Iran MoD helps Turkey in fire control operations

Referring to the participation of the Ministry of Defense firefighting aircraft in fire control operations in Turkey, the Iranian envoy in Ankara said firefighting helicopters will also take part in the relief operation.

Following a fire in the forests of the southern provinces of Turkey, Iranian Ambassador to Ankara Mohammad Farzmand in a tweet on Saturday night announced that the Ministry of Defense's firefighting aircraft participated in fire control operations in southern parts of this country.

Ministry of Defense firefighting helicopters will also take part in the relief operation tomorrow, he added.

"Neighbors will not leave each other alone," the envoy stressed.

Tehran police arrest man over cryptocurrency scam

The police in the Iranian capital of Tehran arrested a man after some citizens reported their cryptocurrencies and their money were stolen on their accounts on a fake online trading platform.

Tehran Cyber Police said in a statement on Sunday that they have arrested a man after some citizens reported to them their virtual assets were stolen on a fake online exchange website.

A plaintiff told the police that all his money and cryptocurrency were stolen from his account on the trading platform website after his username and passwords had been changed.

Iran volleyball narrowly lose to Japan to leave Olympics

Iranian national men's volleyball team suffered a narrow defeat against the hosts at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games on Sunday.

Iranian men's volleyball team played a must-win game against the hosts Japan and suffered a defeat to get knocked out of volleyball competitions in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

The match between Iran and Japan was held in Ariake Arena, the Tokyo 2020 volleyball venue, and it ended 3-2 for Japan.

Iran lost the first set 21-25, while they won the 2nd and 3rd sets by 25-20, 31-29, respectively.

Iran removes ban on exports of camels

The director-general of the Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade's Exports and Imports Regulations Dep. announced the conditions of camels' exports from the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) on Sun.

The exports of female camels over 12 years old and non-breeding male camels over 8 years old are allowed by March 2022, Saeed Abbaspour announced in a letter to IRICA.

Accordingly, the industry ministry issues permission for exports of up to 5,000 camels by the announced deadline, under specific conditions.

Iran warns nationals of traveling to Afghanistan

Due to the escalation of security risks, Iran has urged its nationals to refrain from traveling to Afghanistan until further notice.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan issued a statement, announcing that Iranian citizens should not travel to Afghanistan due to the escalation of security conditions.

'The Cats' finds way to American film festival

"The Cats", a short film written, produced and directed by Mohammad Rasouli, is to be screened at Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a lonely girl who has just broken out of an emotional relationship. Under the Coronavirus pandemic, she spends days with his two cats in quarantine.

Now in its 25th year, the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival™ (RIIFF) will take place August 9-15, 2021.

US Special Envoy for Iran’s Affairs:

Iran may return to Vienna talks with ‘unrealistic demands’

The US Special Envoy for Iran’s Affairs claimed that Islamic Republic of Iran may return to the seventh round of Vienna talks for revival of JCPOA with ‘unrealistic demands’.

The US Special Representative for Iran’s Affairs Robert Malley claimed that Iran may return to the seventh round of nuclear talks in Vienna with "unrealistic demands", New York Times reported.

“There's a real risk here that they come back with unrealistic demands about what they can achieve in these talks,” he said.

Coronavirus death toll in Iran tops 90,996

The Iranian Health Ministry has confirmed 32,511 COVID-19 infections and 366 deaths due to the disease in the past 24 hours.

According to the statement released on Sunday by the Iranian Health Ministry, the number of total coronavirus cases in the country has so far reached 3,903,519 with the death toll standing at 90,996.

Over the last 24 hours, 32,511 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected, 3,483 of whom required hospitalization, according to the Health Ministry.

'Statistics show well how successful this govt. has been'

In his remarks in the last meeting of the Council of Ministers in the twelfth government, outgoing President Rouhani said statistics show well how successful his administration has acted.

President said that everything we told people from the past years until today was not against the truth, adding, "We told people the truth, of course, we did not tell people part of the truth and in my opinion, we could not tell them because I did not find them useful and I was afraid that a very lofty goal that we should all pursue, which is national unity, would be harmed”.

Flickers' Rhode Island FilmFest. hosts two Iranian titles

Two Iranian films namely, 'Bi Aban' and 'Eclipse' will be screened at the 39th edition of the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival in the US.

 'Bi Aban' directed and written by Mehrdad Kouroshnia is a film about environmental concerns.

Directed by Raha Amirfazli, Alireza Ghasemi, 'Eclipse' has been a joint product of Iran and France.

The synopsis of 'Eclipse' reads, "Saaghi and her two friends have come to the largest park in Tehran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse announced later in the afternoon. Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys as well as an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park. As the sun disappears, Saaghi sees something that should have stayed hidden."


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