No equipment damaged in AEOI shed sabotage: spox

TEHRAN, Jul. 06 (MNA) – Stating that sabotage in a shed belonging to AEOI has not led to equipment damage, the Iranian Government Spokesman said that there was slight damage to the roof of one of the sheds.

Sabotage in shed belonging to AEOI not led to equipment damage

Regarding the release of some footage in social media on sabotage in a shed belonging to the Atomic Energy Organization, Rabiei said, "I confirm the sabotage but this sabotage has not led to significant human and equipment damage."

Emphasizing that there was slight damage to the roof of one of the sheds that is being replaced, he added, "The aerial footage that has been released in some media outlets of the damage to this site is, in fact, an image that was taken as an aerial photo after removing the roof for repair."

Iran to continue talks with Saudis till differences minimized 

"Negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia began with our firm belief in giving priority to our neighbors," said Ali Rabiei about his assessment of the Iran-Saudi talks in his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

"We believe that dialogue, especially between Muslim ummah, is the only worthy way to resolve disputes between them," he added.

"In the talks that have taken place between the two sides so far, the issues between the two countries have been discussed from a friendly position, and some progress has been made. We understand that in some cases, disputes may have complexities that take time to resolve," Rabiei noted.

Stating that Iran welcomes these talks and their continuation till differences are minimized, he added, "We are always ready to continue this dialogue seriously, relying on mutual goodwill and securing the interests and concerns of both sides."

"The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the policy of neighborliness and regionalism," the spokesman highlighted.

Next administration to abide by all JCPOA obligations

Answering a question about the JCPOA talks, Rabiei said, "Decisions on the revival of the JCPOA are made at the highest levels, under the supervision and guidance of the Leader and in the Supreme National Security Council."

"Who and which administration will finalize the negotiations depends on the opinion of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the political will of the American side. At the moment, there is no change in the negotiating team, and I can say that the negotiation process is over, especially on difficult and technical issues," he added. "Unlike the US government, Iran sees the administration as a unified and sustained legal entity that adheres to all the international obligations of previous administrations."

"Thus, if an agreement is reached in the current administration, the next administration will undoubtedly abide by all its obligations. Experience has shown that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not violated its international agreements and commitments in the past, nor will it intend to do so in the future," the spokesman noted.

Vienna talks seen good progress on many issues

He went on to say, "The Vienna talks have seen good progress on many issues, but it is undeniable that there are differences of opinion on some issues. However, disagreements over the remaining issues do not necessarily mean a stalemate in the negotiations."

"It is obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not accept any agreement that does not serve the interests of the Iranian people. The general principles and positions of Iran have been explicitly conveyed to the other parties since the beginning of the negotiations. The general framework is that the United States should first lift its sanctions, then Iran verifies the lifting of US sanctions. After these measures, Iran will stop compensatory actions and resume its nuclear commitments," Rabiei highlighted.

"The aim of the Vienna talks is the return of the United States to the JCPOA through the lifting of sanctions and then the full implementation of the deal by all parties. The draft of all negotiation texts has been prepared and discussed in this regard."


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