Recognition of Israel as an apartheid regime

TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – Despite continued disregard for Israeli crimes, Human Rights Watch has finally acknowledged the regime's racism and institutionalized discrimination and issued a report calling for the International Criminal Court to intervene.

"After years of warning that such domination of Palestinian life could lead to apartheid, it is now clear that Israel has crossed all human borders and entered the valley of apartheid and racial discrimination," the report said. 

In an interview with the British Guardian newspaper, the director of West Asia at Human Rights Watch admitted that the organization had never accused Israeli authorities of crimes against humanity in the past 30 years, but that there was "indisputable evidence" of apartheid against seven million Palestinians. 

The report of Human Rights Watch, which officially describes Israel as an apartheid regime, confirms the Islamic Republic of Iran's persistent view that the Zionist regime is racist.

The term "apartheid" means racial superiority and the superiority of one race over another, and apartheid regimes often defend their racist interests through war, terror, and violence. By distorting the foundations of the religion of Prophet Moses, the racists of Zionism consider the Jews as the chosen nation of God and the supreme race, and encourage them to confront the Muslim Palestinians. According to this belief, the Zionist regime considers the coexistence of Jews and non-Jews in one land as distasteful and impossible.

The Israeli regime considers the forced expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homeland as a strategy and seeks to expel the Muslims from their ancestral homeland by putting pressure on Muslims and expanding Zionist settlements. Israeli leaders see the growing Palestinian population as a threat to their very existence and seek to restrict Palestinians from reproducing and increase their population in various initiatives, including the Great Deal of the Century.

The conviction of Western institutions, such as Human Rights Watch, of the institutionalization of apartheid in the occupied territories is a clear indication of the common destiny of the Zionist regime with the apartheid regime in South Africa. South Africa survived the apartheid regime under the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe and never imagined its downfall. The roots of racism go back to two centuries before Nelson Mandela was born, and the collapse of apartheid and the victory of blacks were far from expected.

But with the continuation of the anti-apartheid struggle and the support of the international community for these struggles, the racists were defeated and today blacks and whites live together and witness the progress of their country. There is no doubt that the apartheid regime in Israel is following the same path as the racists in South Africa, and that the struggle of the Palestinian people with the support of the Axis of Resistance will make the collapse of Zionism possible.

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on December 15, 2016, during a meeting with the Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, predicted the collapse of the Zionist regime and noted that "despite the constant crisis created by the supporters of the Zionist regime to forget the issue of Palestine, this honorable land will be liberated thanks to the resistance and struggle of the Palestinian people and groups."  He also said in a hopeful sentence that "the Zionist regime will not exist outside in the next 25 years, provided that the Palestinians and Muslims fight together and unite against the Zionists."

In recent years, the brutal and inhumane actions of Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, and also, the arrogant policies of the United States during the Trump era, such as the deal of the century, the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and the recognition of Zionist rule in the Golan Heights, have backfired and raised hopes for the collapse of Israel.

The influx of large numbers of Jewish investors into Patagonia, a fertile area on the Chilean-Argentine border and the purchase of land there for Jewish settlements, is seen by Israeli leaders as a prospect of the regime's collapse.

The current situation in Israel and the unstable situation of Netanyahu after the failure of the elections and summoning him to court due to widespread financial corruption, along with the constant struggle of the oppressed Palestinian people and the axis of resistance, against the corrupt Zionist regime show a clear destiny for this regime. The collapse of apartheid is predictable.

The fall of the racist regime in South Africa was made possible by a popular referendum after a long struggle, and the Palestinian people and the people of the Occupied Territories must soon prepare for a referendum to determine the governing system of the land.

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