United Nations must never be held hostage by any power: Envoy

TEHRAN, Oct. 24 (MNA) – Iran's ambassador to Paris stressed that the UN must never be held hostage by any power in order so as to maintain the peaceful interests of the nations of the world freely, effectively, and strongly.

Bahram Ghasemi wrote a piece of note in the tweeter account of the Iran embassy in Paris on the occasion of 24 October, the International Day of United Nations.

Following wars, conflicts, and the killing of millions of people in the world, the United Nations, as the only organization accepted by the important nations of the world, stepped into the arena, Ghasemi said.

The foundation of the UN was aimed at protecting future generations from destructive and devastating wars, which in a short period of time confronted human society with numerous, irreparable sufferings as well as peaceful protecting of human values and fundamental human rights of all people in any part of the world, he added.

According to Ghasemi, promoting people’s social status, welfare, freedom, justice, peaceful life as well as maintaining security and stability were among the significant goals of this organization which was established in 1945.

He went on to say, “Today, on Oct 24 we celebrate "United Nations Day" and at the same time we seize the opportunity to review the lofty goals of the UN Charter and evaluate its performance from 1945 up to now.”

Referring to the need for reform of the United Nations in the turbulent situation of the world, Ghasemi said, "The United Nations must never be held hostage by any power and must act freely, strongly and effectively for maintaining peaceful interests of the nations of the world."

Criticizing US unilateral moves which undermines all international treaties and the role of the United Nations, Ghasemi said, “All countries, who have signed the Charter of United Nations, must embark on a long-term, comprehensive campaign to prevent the destruction and weakening of this international organization and to oppose the United States's unilateralism.”


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