Neither sanctions perpetual, nor those in White House

TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that those residing in the White House will not remain there for eternity as sanctions are also not perpetual either.

“If anybody inside Iran thinks that this tyrannical administration and their tyrannical policies are perpetual, they are wrong. Neither the oppressive individuals in the White House nor their sanctions will remain in place forever,” he said at a cabinet session on Wednesday.

“Sanctions will be broken and eliminated,” he highlighted. “We resisted against these sanctions and made them acknowledge that they are moving in a wrong path.”

“The White House has fully realized that it has been wrong,” continued Rouhani, adding that Washington is facing a ‘tough’ situation for coming out of this route."The world knows what the result will be if the United States takes this dead-end. They have destroyed the bridge themselves and still think there is a bridge to cross,” Rouhani added, according to the President’s press service.

"The mechanism states that the parties to JCPOA or one of them can use this mechanism, but the United States, which has explicitly stated that it is not a part of the JCPOA and this is the worst pact, cannot use it, and this is one of the incorrect statements that Americans have made.”

Rouhani emphasised that "the government has stood -and will stand- with all its might against this superpower and the countries that want to oppress this nation," and said, "Unfortunately, some say that if the foundations of the JCPOA were stronger, the United States could have not withdrawn from it, but why don’t you see the stupidity of the enemy? Is there any agreement that this US government has not withdrawn from?!”

"Strange words are sometimes heard here and there that amaze you," he said, adding, "Now if, in your opinion, the foundations were not very strong, what can be said about the United States’ withdrawal from the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, NAFTA and The Paris Climate Pact?”

The President said, "The enemies have been committing crimes in this country since August 19, 1953, and have always acted against the nation, Iran, democracy and the legal government, and imposed a dictator and tyranny on this nation, and since then they have continued this wrong path.”

"Although the enemy apparently achieved success in 1953, but on August 15 this year, even though they carried a begging bowl and was putting pressure on the countries until the voting day, they could not achieve victory even in appearance. I would like to thank the 11 countries that did not vote for the United States’ wish, and the two friendly countries that decisively voted against it. Today, the United States is left alone.”

The president said, "The disgraceful defeats of the United States are due to the tactics of the regime and the government. If when the US withdrew from the JCPOA we did the same thing, it would have no cost for the US and all sanctions would return under the resolutions, but we acted prudently, which led to everyone taking a stand against the United States that year at the United Nations.”

"The United States, which suffered two historic defeats in 2018 and 2020, has begun another attempt and, and in the meantime, foreign-based Persian-language media have appeared as mercenaries and traitors, expressing their happiness over the pressure on the Iranian nation, in which they will fail again.”

The President said that the main concern of the government in the current situation is economic stability and peace in the country, adding, "We are trying to eliminate people’s concerns about their future. On the other hand, in the year of ‘Surge in Production’, we are looking to accelerate the production sector."

"Today, we are witnessing production growth in all sectors, just as we are witnessing a 9% growth in production in the industrial sector in the first four months of this year compared to the last year’s quarter.”

“The country is practically run with non-oil exports, and this is unprecedented in Iran's history, and this year only 10% of the budget relies on oil,” said Rouhani.

Elsewhere, he noted that “As always, we should display our love and dedication to Ahl al-Bayt during this Muharram.” Of course, there will be changes in the forms of mourning ceremonies as health protocols should be observed, he added.

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