Sanctions stem from US desperation: Iran Police spokesman

TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) – The Spokesperson of Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NAJA) condemned the US illegal and unwise sanctions against some police commanders, considering it a continuation of the so-called maximum pressure strategy on Iran.

Referring to the measure taken by the US Treasury Department last month to impose a new round of sanctions against some Iranian authorities including Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari, Second Brigadier General Ahmad Noorian said that this action clearly showed that the security of Iranian people has been targeted by the Americans.

The fruitless, repetitive and threadbare sanctions against Iran's Police Chief and other officials are a sign of the weakness, despair and confusion of the US in reaction to its failures against the will of the Iranian government and people, he added.

Noorian stressed that the enemies should be aware that such sanctions will not undermine the people's serious determination to fight US hostile policies,adding that the resistance will continue.

Referring to the large-scale confrontation of Iran's police with terrorists groups for many years, he said that the reason for imposing sanctions against NAJA is the fight of Iranian police with terrorists who are supported by arrogant governments led by the United States.

The sanctions against police forces that fight for the security of the people against the terrorists means that the Americans are very angry with the security of Iranian citizens in the region, he said, adding that therefore, they will do their best to destabilize the security of the country as well as protect the terrorists and villains.

The US Treasury Department announced in May new sanctions against the Great Tehran Penitentiary in Iran's capital, the Law Enforcement Forces Cooperative Foundation, and Qarchak Prison. The sanctions are also imposed on seven other officials in the Iranian Police.

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi said that the US regime's fruitless and repetitive sanctions against the Interior Minister, the police chief, and other Iranian officials are signs of the US regime's weakness, despair, and confusion.

Mousavi condemned the sanctions against Iran’s interior minister and the police chief, saying, “The US regime's addiction to imposing sanctions reflects the illegal and arbitrary behavior of the United States against the international law and order which targets the legal institutions and authorities of independent states.”


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