Government committed to fight against poverty: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Jun. 07 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the government will continue to fight against poverty as before.

Speaking in a meeting of the government's economic board on Sunday, Rouhani said that the government's efforts from the beginning have been directed towards strengthening the economic strength of the low-income groups. "The government has kept its promise to fight absolute poverty, and will continue to do so."

"The government has tried to increase wages and salaries to match the inflation rate as much as possible, and according to statistics, this trend has been ongoing over the years," he said, according to his official website.

The President stated that in providing livelihood and food justice packages and in other areas, the government has tried to make sure that these people are not seriously harmed by economic shocks caused by various conditions in society, and this is a reliable point in government’s economics and policy-making activities regarding helping the low-income and underprivileged.”

Rouhani stated that according to reports and statistics, the 11th and 12th governments have succeeded in this field, adding, "In this regard, the government has adhered to its commitment to fight against absolute poverty and will continue to do so.”

"Although such promises were made at a time when the severe sanctions of recent years had not yet been imposed on our country and we had not faced any economic damage, no matter how heavy and serious these injuries are, we have kept our commitment.”

Rouhani stressed that the government is pursuing policies to reduce absolute poverty in four areas, saying, "Increasing the monthly pensions of families covered by support institutions, the Relief Foundation and the Welfare Organisation has been on government’s agenda.”

The President described the release of Justice Shares as one of the effective measures taken by the government to implement justice in the society and noted, "This was a valuable and appropriate action that can strengthen the country's economy and people's participation in the country's economic future".

The President stressed, "The rights of shareholders should be fully respected in all measures and regulations, and the institutions that manage stocks should be fully transparent, given the goals set out in the Supreme Leader's declaration.”


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    • DE 19:18 - 2020/06/07
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      these "reformist" traitors caused poverty to begin with so they should simply be thrown out of government soon