US anti-Iran propaganda in Persian Gulf ‘out of fear’

TEHRAN, Apr. 28 (MNA) – Commander of Iranian Army Ground Force said the threats and media propaganda by the US in the Persian Gulf emanate from Washington’s fear from the Islamic Republic, saying that the Iranian armed forces are ready to handle any threat posed to the country.

“The Americans are so afraid of the Islamic Republic’s power that they grasp to media propaganda to hide their fear,” Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari said on Tuesday, hinting to the US’ new anti-Iran moves.
He stressed that the Iranian armed forces are keeping the country’s land, sea and aerial territories under constant surveillance, and will not let the external elements pose any threats to the Islamic Republic’s territorial integrity.

General Heidari referred to the recent military satellite launch by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, saying that the breakthrough has strengthened Iran's position among the world powers in the space and this has angered the enemies of the country.  

Commenting on the Army Ground Force’s achievements in the past year, General Heidari said the force has observed major achievements in different fields, including cyberspace, noting that the US’ pressure is never going to affect Iran’s ability to defend itself.

Earlier in April, Brigadier General Heidari said new weapons will be supplied to the Army later this year as part of the “Labbaik 2” program.

The program will provide the force with equipment “fitting the Army’s new structure”, he said, including a new weapon replacing the Army’s widely used G3 rifle and three new machine guns.

“In the field of armor, we are currently working on developing the T-90 tank with assistance from the Armed Forces and the Defense Ministry,” he said, adding that tests were underway.

“We have added seven new upgrades on it, including stabilizers and biological defense systems, turning the tank to a future warfare weapon,” he said.


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      Good, let the fear you at all time.