Ineffective Western liberal democracy model, new version of global management

TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Recent developments and international crises have indicated that a new era for global order has emerged which is managed by new concepts and political literature.

Undoubtedly, we are in a new era of world order governed by new concepts and political literature. Especially in recent months and after numerous crises that proved the failure and inability of Western models to manage the world.

Certainly, this new era can be considered as a new chapter to change and take into account new variables in all the fields of international politics and culture for global management.

Perhaps in previous decades, Islamic occasions were only limited to Muslims and Shiites. But due to recent political and cultural events in the world, these Islamic ideological concepts are utilized to shape the future of the world.

Therefore, we currently see how much events such as Quds day has changed global and regional occasions so that this day can be considered as an Islamic priority in all global and regional equations. The Islamic revolution tried to introduced these events to the world and prove that Islamic discourse can be used in all the political, social, and cultural processes.

The truth is that the Islamic revolution presented a new definition of practical Islam to the world which can even be applied to international politics.

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei also referred to this new era in his warnings, speeches, and advice which considering the current pandemic is a very significant issue.

Global justice and believing in the return of savior is a universal concept that exists in all religions in different ways. The reason that mankind is more aware of this concept is that all the other models have been insufficient for global management. Today, human beings are far from religion and Western models and liberalism have failed to save mankind. Even some Islamic models do not have a specific plan in this regard. For example, ISIS was an effort to distort and misinterpret the Islamic version of the savior. Therefore, it can be said that the West is concerned about the success of the Islamic model regarding management approaches.

On the other hand, some intellectuals refer to the European historical experiences based on historical mistakes in the middle ages and rely on the flourishing period of Renaissance which was the most important element of the West’s misunderstanding of religious developments. The West basically does not know that the Renaissance was created by those who played a key role in creating the dark days of the middle ages. The truth is that neither the middle ages were created due to religious concepts and beliefs, nor was the irreligion played an important role in industrial and scientific progress.

However, the middle ages and the Renaissance became an excuse for Western intellectuals and theorists to marginalize religion as much as possible and later sought to expand their economic and political influence by defining this model in the Third World and the regional nations. Of course, the important role of Western intellectuals in promoting this concept should not be overlooked.

In recent days, the inability of the western model as well as international organizations to contain the coronavirus has become clear to the public. These institutions were supposed to protect human rights, but eventually, all of them failed and are currently only a tool to safeguard a population of less than 5 percent in the world.

Another significant issue is that global developments and the western and Zionist’s oppression against the nations of the world must not be marginalized amid the spread of coronavirus, something that the western media is trying to do at this time. Today, due to the dual policies of the west, most of the coronavirus victims are among the impoverished nations.  

Finally, it should be noted that human beings are more than ever in need of global justice and a just savior to liberate them from all the ignorance and immorality.

By Mehdi Azizi

MNA/ 4896404

News Code 157438


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