A short rant after a personal visit to Syria

TEHRAN, Nov. 02 (MNA) – So, is there some kind of looming military confrontation between Russia and the United States in eastern Syria around Syria’s oil fields, which the US in a pirate role has more or less claimed as its own and seems to be all about looting the oil there?

Which never did belong to the US but never mind, the US has been raping, stealing and killing around the world for decades in the name of “empire”, and more than ever since the dawn of this current bloody century. This confrontation may be ahead. What is galling most is that the outcry against the brazen US theft ought to be universal.

The only good in any of this is that there ought to be absolutely no question any longer that what the US has been about in recent decades has not been the seeding of ”democracy” or “human rights” or anything of that sort anywhere with its 800 plus military bases scattered across the globe and its pretensions of “exceptionalism”.

One thing you can say about Donald Trump: he seems to be more honest than the two Bush screwball warmongers, Clinton, and Obama. At least he is not trying to hide bald-faced aggression, theft and rapine, mostly in the service to Zionists but also for the Military-Industrial Complex, which so dominates the US economy now that weeding it out, if it is ever accomplished, is going to cause economic pain never before experienced in the US, but that all to a good cause if it can ever occur. The smart people in the US are hoping for an economic depression as soon as possible to throttle the rush towards more US threats in the Middle East. Currently, this seems to be the only brake to the madness.

Trump has by one report applied more than 8000 “sanctions” against other countries and individuals since he trashed the JCPOA in 2018, affecting 39 countries representing a full third of humanity. Think about that. If Iran or any other country feels particularly set upon by the US, maybe it’s time for all countries subject to sanctions to accept them as just more obstacles to overcome, like say a particular spell of horrible weather that cannot be controlled. Until, anyway, the further erosion and ultimately the rejection of US influence globally. This latter may seem an impossible occurrence, but consider: has any country long maintained itself as a powerful entity when it has become universally reviled as a criminal hegemon interested almost exclusively in self-service though intimidation and militancy?

If this writer seems particularly “anti” American at this juncture, it’s because from October 14 through the 27th I was in Syria. I was in Damascus, Homs, Hama, Tartous, Latakia and Aleppo and points between with a small delegation of Mideast savants who have long been disgusted by US foreign policies in the Middle East. I saw, just, for example, the destroyed and formerly lovely Armenian Quarter in Aleppo. I saw the 50 plus percent of Hom's residential blocks that are destroyed. I saw the destruction at the finest old suq outside of Iran in Aleppo, a literal wonder of the world, and frankly, so much more that we wept at times not merely at the damage to Syria, but over the warmth and kindness of the Syrian people towards visiting Americans. And all this, while the U.S military was allegedly preparing to kill the leader of ISIS holed up somewhere, is still not fully liberated Idlib province. Does anyone believe the announced death of Baghdadi, and then that he was buried at sea like Usama ibn Laden? The US government has been lying so much and for so long that anything it claims, under Trump, is met with profound skepticism. And Baghdadi, who may or may not be a Zionist plant, has now been killed multiple times! Obama managed to do it more than once.

Syria is amazing for all it has suffered and survived. So is the popular Assad government, which did nothing seriously wrong but maintains its independence for decades from the US and Zionist control…and prospered. Syria was, and has been, somewhat like Libya was before the US and NATO bombed and murdered the most prosperous country in Africa. Syria was and remains independent and still offers its citizens benefits that far surpass what the US offers its slaves. It was and may still remain a positive economic model for countries that refuse to succumb to the US “Empire of Chaos”. It may also be a good political model: a secular country which allows its citizens to worship as they like – totally unlike most other Arab countries. In sum: Hats off in deep respect to Syria and its people.


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