Rouhani says Iran has left behind crisis through vigilance and resistance

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that the enemies' attempts to harm the Islamic Republic Establishment have failed, adding that the enemies have acknowledged themselves that Iran has left behind the critical or semi-critical situations through vigilance, patience, and resistance.

President Rouhani made the remarks in his 13th press conference on Monday.

Politically and internationally, the Islamic Republic of Iran is much better off, Rouhani said, adding that “on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting it was clear to us that all the great nations of the world acknowledged that Iran was in a stronger position than last year.” He further said that everybody admired the great Iranian nation.

The president said that the Iranian nation has left behind the difficult time of foreign economic pressures, pointing out that the country’s economic indicators are returning to normal.

He further noted that the economy is recovering and is stable through the efforts of the government, especially, the economic organs like the central bank of Iran.

Furthermore, the president referred to the steps that Iran has taken so far to get away from the commitments under the nuclear deal, stressing that the country will continue cuts to its JCPOA commitments until the European countries fulfill their promises. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, he called for an end to the war in Yemen, stressing that ending the conflict in the war-torn country would clear the way for de-escalating the tensions in the region.

“Yemen is an important issue for solving regional issues incluuding the issue between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” he noted, adding that reaching a ceasefire and ending the war in Yemen would be a breakthrough in Iran-Saudi relations.

The president went on to emphasize that the regional crises could be resolved through diplomacy and cooperation between the regional countries.

He also said that Iran’s relations with the United Arab Emirates have improved over the past months and that there has been exchange of visits by the two countries’ officials.

Responding to another question about the events in northern Syria, Rouhani said that while Iran understands Turkey’s security concerns, it opposes military option that Turkey has launched.

He called for returning to the Astana Process as the “best process” so far during which good steps were taken to the advantage of Syria.

“The solution to Turkey's concerns over northern Syria is the presence of the Syrian army in the north and we must help the Syrian army deploy there,” Rouhani said.

The president added that Iran has concerns about Turkey’s military attack as it has killed and displaced many people so far and has not yielded positive results. He added that Turkey’s attack has added to many problems in Syria.

He expressed hope that Turkey would end its military operation and Syrians would return to their country.

Commenting on Iran’s SABITI oil tanker, which was hit by two missiles in the Red Sea last week, Rouhani said that an investigation is underway on the incident. 

Rouhani added the ship had cameras and there is video footage of what happened to it.

He said that a state had been behind the attack while adding that it is not clear yet which state targeted the oil tanker.

He, meanwhile, warned that the incident will not go unanswered.

He further expressed hope that investigations will soon reach a conclusion.


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