US grazes reactionary Arab regimes like flocks of sheep

TEHRAN, Sep. 21 (MNA) – Al-Nujaba’s spokesman Nasr ash-Shimmari told MNA that the US grazes reactionary Arab regimes likes flocks of sheep, adding that the Resistance is equipped with highly advanced weapons and rockets.

The following is the full text of the interview:

In the past weeks, a chain of blasts happened in the positions and arsenals of the IPMF. For instance, an explosion happened in the arsenal of the Popular Forces in Amerli, Saladin, and some others near the airbase in Balad. Many Iraqi groups accused the US of carrying out the attacks. What is the chief cause of these explosions in your opinion? 

Attack against the bases of the IPMF and targeting the commanders of these forces by American forces isn’t strange or unprecedented, as they have repeatedly done such actions in their military operations in Iraq. Moreover, some attacks have been conducted against the Army and police of Iraq.

It seems as if the Iraqi government showed no response to these attacks and the attacks were suspiciously censored by the media whose main cause could be the pressures of the US on all Iraqi governments.

The cause of the said attacks can be the fact that the US regards the IPMF and the Islamic Resistance responsible for the defeat of the ISIS project; the project the US attempted to prolong and make changes into the map of the region so that the security of Israel, together with its own influence and dominance, would be guaranteed.

Besides, Americans consider the IPMF and Resistance the allies of Iran. Yet, we don’t regard ourselves so, but beyond that, we believe that Muslims, in whatever land, form a single Ummah and have a single cause

The Iraqi prime minister, Adel Abd al-Mahdi, issued an order revoking the agreements over the flight of foreign drones and fighters in the sky of Iraq without the permission of Baghdad government. The commanders of the IPMF stressed that in case unknown drones fly in the Iraqi sky, they will confront it. What is your position in this regard?

The issuance of this order was a courageous and unprecedented act. We advocate this order as powerfully as possible for its implementation guarantees the security of the state, people and military forces.

However, we believe that the arrogant nature and vanity of Americans prevent them from observing this order, as they have done so and following the issuance of the order, they carried out some air attacks against the forces of the IPMF.

In the past few days, it was repeatedly mentioned that Israel has been involved in the attacks against the Iraqi Resistance groups and in the destructive operations in Iraq. In case this issue is proved, what will be the choice of the IPMF in response to Tel Aviv?

Although military experts look into the admission of the Zionist Regime to the bombing of the IPMF centres from another standpoint, we believe whatever the Zionists have said is a piece of evidence on the exchange of the parts of the Zionist Regime and the US.

The US feels danger about its presence and positions in Iraq as the weapons of the Resistance can easily target them. Thereby, the bombings have been attributed to the Zionist Regime as they think Israelis are too far from the arms of the Resistance to be targeted.

However, the attacks can be responded through two methods:

First: We regard the Zionist Regime and the US the same and if the American forces weren’t present in Iraq, the Zionist couldn’t reach the Iraqi sky easily. Therefore, the US should be known as responsible for these aggressions, and the response to these bombings will only target the US.
Second: We believe that the Zionist Regime isn’t aware of the power and capabilities of Iraq properly; yet, the Iraqi Resistance and country can have access to deterrent weapons, even they may have such arms now.

In 2008, the Movement was inserted into the sanction list of the US, nonetheless, this action was not the end of US hostile actions against al-Nujaba, and some months ago, the US Ministry of Treasury imposed some sanctions against it. What is the nature of the US sanctions against al-Nujaba? And can they impact the activities of the Movement?

The sanction list is the list of dignity, honour and the list of the Right against the wrong and the world arrogant powers. We have never been the friends of the US to be its friend today. We have always been presented in the front of the battle against the world arrogance, in general terms, and against the US and the Zionist Regime, in specific terms. Even if the lines between the positions blur, we will still stand in the position of combat against arrogant powers.

But, concerning our sanctions, we ought to say they have had no impact, as no member or head of al-Nujaba has capital in a bank or none of the said people thinks of having recreations in US beaches. 
The capital of combatants is faith and trust in God and their recreation is the battle on the path of Heaven. Certainly, we will remain in this position even if such sanctions are imposed again and again.

What is your idea about the 10-article order of the Iraqi prime minister? It is seen differently by different people, some say it will enforce the IPMF and others say that it leads to the dissolution of these forces.

We have repeatedly said that the 10-article order of the prime minister is on the organisation of affairs and not about the dissolution of the IPMF or downplaying its role, and many of its articles have been executed by the IPMF in the past.

We believe that the Resistance is not having a weapon or power. Although they are necessary, the Resistance is the belief owned by the combatants; therefore, the Resistance will remain until this faith exists. The same belief formed the IPMF and despite its limited equipment, it could achieve great victories; and now, it is everything different, as the power and equipment of the Resistance and the IPMF have highly developed.

A disputed issue, still dealt with in political and media arenas, is the continuation of the US military presence in Iraq and the existence of its bases in this country. The Resistance groups have long objected to this issue. What options do you have on the table concerning the final expulsion of the US forces of Iraq?

Our position about the illicitness of the presence of American forces in Iraq hasn’t changed, as the parliament issues the permit for the presence of foreign forces in Iraqi land and not the government.

However, those who say the US is present in Iraq for advisory and training purposes are the ones having closed their eyes on the Sun in order to deny its existence.
Why should do the advisor or trainer have large bases with thousands of armoured military forces equipped with different weapons and fighters inside Iraqi land?
Indeed, their presence is military and for occupation. 

The bill on the expulsion of the US forces of Iraq was presented to the Iraqi parliament, however, the speaker has laid it aside. But, following the issuance of the Fatwa by Ayatollah Haeri, the plan will strongly return to the parliament; and thus, there will be no way but the execution of this religious rule using all existing means and even through the military option. 

What is your assessment of the IRI supports of the Resistance Groups in different parts of the region, specifically in Iraq? Basically, how do you see the part of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the formation of the Resistance Groups across the region in four past decades? 

I should openly announce that if there were no Islamic Republic, there would be no Islamic Resistance in Iraq, Lebanon or Palestine, and even if they existed, they would be weak.
Prior to the Islamic Republic, the Resistance had nothing but stones and some arms; yet, thanks to the supports of the IRI, today, the Resistance has the highly advanced weapons and thousands of missiles, and it is capable of vanquishing the Zionist Regime in Lebanon and Palestine, it has managed to conquer the American occupiers in Iraq and ousted them. Therefore, Americans had no other pretext to return to Iraq but the ISIS, and now, they are based in faraway areas and don’t dear to come to central or southern areas of Iraq.

Today, we see that some rulers of the countries of the Region, such Saudis Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and etc., following the expansionist policies of the US and UK, are playing out the scenarios intended by the said powers. In your opinion, what is/are the cause/s of such following and dependence? Do this path and its following by heads of Arab states lead to the fulfillment of the aims of foreigners in the region, including Iraq? 

The chief cause of the weakness of these regimes, that are like flocks of sheep grazed by the US, is the gap between them and their nation, as they wrong their nation and their bellies have become full with the ill-gotten materials.

We shouldn’t forget that these weak governments have been established by the world arrogant powers, specifically by the UK and now, the US has inherited the position of the UK.
Certainly, a liberate man prefers the simple life in a desert to being a weak ruler, like Saudi heads, treated condescendingly by trump.

But, concerning the purposes of these regimes, I should mention that they are too weak to have any aim. They attempt for the fulfillment of the purposes and projects of the US, furthermore, they pay the costs of the stupidity of the US.

They are too weak to meet any aim in the region, and following the appearance of the signs of their demise, they are solely attempting to prolong their rule.

Interview by: Ramin Hosseinabadian

News Code 150246


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