US hegemony challenges world peace, stability: official

TEHRAN, Jun. 17 (MNA) – Hegemony, which is playing a leading role in US foreign policy, has brought serious challenges to world peace and stability, said Asadollah Badamchian, secretary-general of Iran's Islamic Coalition Party (ICP).

Washington has adopted hegemony as its major policy to rule the world, which poses a main challenge to global peace and stability, Badamchian told Chinese news agency Xinhua in a recent interview.

The current US administration, with such hegemonic policy, is exacerbating conflicts around the world, said the official of the ICP.

The United States has launched trade wars against many countries in the world, which reflects its "colonialism and the essence of imperialism," Badamchian said.

Besides, Washington's unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last year was also the result of a long-term hegemony of the US government, he added.

The nuclear deal signed four years ago was designed to help achieve a favorable outcome for all parties. However, even back then, the United States had hoped that Iran would behave in a passive manner, Badamchian said.

Once Washington found that Iran stuck to the deal and did not give in, it unilaterally defaulted, he said.

The previous US administration has failed to fulfill the nuclear deal and the current one's unilateral withdrawal from it is worse, he added.

The US government does not care or impose sanctions even if it finds that its allies have violated the principle of nuclear non-proliferation, Badamchian said.

However, the United States has not given up and will never give up imposing sanctions on Iran even after Iran has signed and adhered to the nuclear deal, he added.

Considering this hegemonic act and the double standards of the US government, "Iran will follow its own judgement and decisions that suit our national interests," he stressed.


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