Macron in a cliff step!

Recent polls in France show that the country's president has not had much chance of winning the European parliamentary elections. This is what has caused intense concern by Emmanuel Macron and his entourage at the Elysées Palace.

 Without a doubt, if the French president's party defeats in the European parliamentary elections, the probability of Macron's political death will rise. In this case, Macron can withdraw from power before 2020 (French presidential election).

As Euronews reported, the party of far-right leader Marine Le Pen will top the upcoming European Parliament elections with 22 percent of the vote, just ahead of President Emmanuel Macron's REM party, an Ipsos poll released on Sunday. It was the first time Le Pen's Rassemblement National (RN) - formerly the National Front - overtook Macron's REM in an Ipsos survey ahead of the EU election this year, although other, daily polls have shown the RN in pole position before. EU elections will be held on May 26 in France.

The poll of 1,500 people was conducted on May 2-3, after Macron announced a series of proposals, including tax cuts worth 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion), in a bid to appease the "yellow vests" anti-government protest movement.

Macron's REM party would obtain 21.5 percent of the vote, the Ipsos poll for France Television and Radio France showed. On April 18-22, 23 percent of the people polled said they would vote for REM, against 22 percent for RN.

Macron is facing the biggest challenge of his presidency yet in the "yellow vest" protests, which started nearly six months ago over the high cost of living but spread into a broader movement against the former investment banker's pro-business reform drive.

Dissatisfaction over slow economic growth and backlash against migration across open EU borders have boosted support for nationalists in many member states. The RN and other anti-immigration parties in other EU states are planning to join forces after the EU parliamentary election.

The President of the French National Rally political party, Marin Le Pen, is trying to take little stances on the new protests in her country. Some French politicians have accused her of interfering in the recent protests in favor of the French National Rally. Meanwhile, many analysts believe that, ultimately, the outcome of Macron’s removal from power will be the presence of far-right nationalists (led by Le Pen) at the Elysees Palace.

In any case, Marin Le Pen and the French National Rally continue to make lots of propaganda in their country’s political and social atmosphere. It should be acknowledged that the recent protests in France have doubled their chance to win the public vote, and he has greatly encouraged Le Pen and her entourage to win the European parliamentary election which is to be held in June.

In 2014, the French National Rally was able to shine exceptionally well in the European parliamentary elections and overcome other French political parties. In the 2017 general election, Le Pen was able to reach the final round of the presidential competitions for the first time since the establishment of the French National Rally. However, at that time, Le Pen couldn’t act against the broad opposition of the Socialist and Conservative parties. But the equation seems to have changed now!

The results of the European parliamentary elections will be very important for the president of the country. If Macron fails, he must prepare himself for the early departure of the Elysee Palace.

This is a very good time indeed, as many of the French citizens no longer trust Macron and his promises for making economic, social reforms in France. Le Pen and the senior members of the French National Rally argue that the Socialist and Conservative Parties won’t be able to redefine themselves in the near future, given the crisis that has stuck the two traditional French parties.

By contrast, the leader of the French National Front is trying to make his way to the Elysee Palace by winning the European Parliamentary elections. Hence, French nationalists make their best efforts to win European parliamentary elections. The removal of Socialist and Conservative candidates in the 2017 general election, as well indicating the political and social isolation of these two traditional parties in French society. 


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