Negotiation with US unacceptable: Veep

TEHRAN, Aug. 15 (MNA) – Es’hagh Jahangiri, Iranian First Vice-President said on Wednesday that US is after forcing Iran to surrender under pressures which makes negotiating with US unacceptable for Iran.

“Negotiations with US is unacceptable at the current situation, as asserted by majority of elites in our country, considering the hostile and disrespectful policies of US towards the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Es’hagh Jahangiri, Iranian First Vice-President.

The Iranian senior official made the remarks on Wednesday during a meeting with some university professors and presidents of 13 top universities of Iran.

What he was referring to as US hostile approach towards Iran is the recent measures undertaken by Trump administration, including unilaterally withdrawing from the nuclear agreement of July 14, 2015, and the media hype trying to frame Iran’s economic problems after US reinstated sanctions against Iran. He described these moves as a psychological warfare and propaganda against the Iranian nation and government.

“The enemies are concentrating their efforts to use psychological warfare and propaganda campaigns to trouble the Iranian public opinion with disruption, concern and disappointment,” he underlined.

“The enemies have targeted the social capital of our country and the all who care about the country should get united and compassionate to prevent the social capital of the country from eroding,” he highlighted.

 “Today, people and especially the young generation are worried about the future and our efforts should be focused on easing the worries of the people and create hope and vitality in the society,” Jahangiri asserted.

He said that the country got on the path of development after the JCPOA was signed and the officials in the administration were after attracting and providing the needed financial resources to meet country’s academic demands.

“The first priority of all of us must be focusing efforts on running the country in a way that the daily life of people get affected the least by the US sanctions because US is after exerting different kinds of pressure on our society so that we surrender or recede,” he added.


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