'White Helmets' support terrorism, Zionism under pretext of human rights

TEHRAN, Aug. 08 (MNA) – A few days ago, the Zionist regime officially announced that 800 members of the White Helmets and their families were transferred from areas under the control of the Syrian opposition to the occupied territories.

Indeed, the Zionist regime, after the Syrian army's advance in the south, kicked out the White Helmets from the area. Israeli Army said in a statement that the move was at the request of the US and European countries. Meanwhile, Jordan has agreed the crossing of the White Helmets of its territory under the United Nations’ supervision to the three countries of Germany, Britain and Canada.

Writing on Twitter, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said “several days ago, President Trump contacted me, as did Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and others, and requested that we assist in evacuating hundreds of White Helmets from Syria. These are people who have saved lives of those in danger. I therefore authorized their transfer via Israel to other countries as an important humanitarian gesture.”

Referring to the withdrawal of the White Helmets from Syria, Boris Dolgov, a Russian analyst said “the White Helmets were taken out of Syria to prevent their interrogation by the Syrian army. Some members of the organization have contributed to the operations carried out by Western intelligence agencies in Syria and therefore cannot remain in areas under the control of the Syrian government.”

Russian geopolitical analyst Gevorg Mirzayan believes “the White Helmets have taken a lot of provocative action by the coverage of Western media to damage the reputation of the Syrian and Russian governments and undermine their image. The White Helmets were usually present at locations that were alleged to have been attacked by chemical weapons in order to evacuate the injured in a dramatic manner.”

“The White Helmets had a lot of information that, if downloaded and released by the Syrian intelligence, there would have been a great scandal for them and their supporters” added this Russian experts. Mirzayan went on to say “the white Helmets played a role in promoting the propaganda of armed groups.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying "the criminal operation carried out by 'Israel' and its tools in the region has divulged the true nature of the organization of the so-called 'White Helmets' which Syria has warned of its dangers on the security and stability of the region due to its terrorist nature.

The statement added “Israel has always lied claiming that it doesn’t have anything to do with the war waged in Syria, yet it has smuggled hundreds of members of the White Helmets terrorist organization and leaders of other armed terrorist organizations in cooperation with the governments of the US, Britain, Jordan, Germany and Canada. This has uncovered the support provided by these states to the terrorist groups in their aggression against the Syrians and in destroying the infrastructure in Syria under false pretexts.”

“Words are not enough no express the discontent which the Syrians feel towards these mean conspiracies and the limitless support provided by the Western states, Israel and Jordan to the White Helmets organization the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

In addition to the US and the Zionist regime, the role of the Western countries and in the forefront of them, France and Britain in the support of the terrorist elements called the White Helmets is quite clear. France will accept some of the activists of the White Helmets non-governmental organization (NGO) as well as their family members following their evacuation from Syria, the French Foreign Ministry announced.
Britain also announced that it is ready to offer asylum to some of members or relatives of the White Helmets who have been rescued from Syria and evacuated to Jordan. The White Helmets foundation has established by former British Army officer James Le Mesurier and London has spent £ 100m to set it up.

The White Helmets, known as the Syrian Civil Defense, is a group of volunteer rescuers that was formed in 2013. Rushing to the epicenter of the most volatile parts of the country, these Syrian men and women often risk all they have to save members of their community. They claim that their only mission in Syria has been to relieve the injured citizens and that the members will adopt and take a neutral stance against all parties involved in Syria.

The budget of the White Helmets in Syria is estimated at around $30 million per year, paid by sponsors. A couple of weeks ago, the State Department announced that President Donald Trump has authorized the release of $6.6 million in funding to the humanitarian group the Syrian Civil Defense, commonly referred to as the White Helmets. The State Department said of the group “the United States Government strongly supports the White Helmets who have saved more than 100,000 lives since the conflict began.”

Arab countries, too, play a key role in providing funds for this group. The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that backs the White Helmets. On that the British newspaper Telegraph also writes “one of the major suppliers of the White Helmets is the United Arab Emirates State Department, which donated 3.5 million euros to the NGO by the end of 2017. The White Helmets volunteers also increased by 2,000 persons.”

The White Helmets are operating as a human rights group in Syria, which is in fact, totally terrorist. About a year and a half ago, the Swedish human rights organization, SWEDRHR, unveiled a terrible crime by the White Helmets.

According to the Swedish group, who carried out a long investigation on the images of children killed by chemical inhalation in Syria, the White Hats injected adrenaline to the heart of Syrian children in the hope of announcing the victims of chemical weapons, and handing over their photos to the western media.

Based on all of the above, it can be said that the White Helmets in Syria are “day-aid workers and terrorists of the night”, as the lives of many Syrian civilians, and especially children have been taken by members of the group.


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