Missiles that turned the tables

TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) – The killing of a number of Saudi troops as a direct result of the Yemeni missile strikes in Jizan has turned the tables in favor of the Yemeni forces.

The army and the Yemeni Popular Committees have always been on the agenda for defending their innocent people against the military aggression of the Saudi regime and its regional and transatlantic allies, which have always used and enjoyed missile power as a deterrent against aggressive attacks. That is why, over the last three years of the Yemeni war, we have always been witnessing the emergence of a new generation of Yemeni missiles.

Over the past two years, Yemeni forces have launched many rocket attacks on Saudi positions and their mercenaries, especially in border towns such as Asir, Jizan and Najran. Many of these attacks were carried out by advanced ballistic missiles such as Barkan 2, Zelzal 2, Badr 1, and so on, and the message of the missile power of the Yemeni forces, despite all the restrictions imposed by the Saudi authorities and Emirati officials, has been transmit Yemeni forces. Yemeni missiles have even reached Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

The missile and military committees of the Yemeni army and popular committees have further developed a major and breakthrough achievement for the Yemeni Resistance Forces in the Yemeni war of more than three years. The Yemeni forces targeted the Saudis in the Jizan border town, and as a result the four armed forces of the regime were directly targeted and killed. Several Saudi troops were also wounded in the attack.

This is the first time that four Saudi officers are killed directly as a result of the missile attacks of the Yemenis. Although the Yemeni forces have already imposed heavy damage on Saudi invaders and their mercenaries on various fronts, nevertheless, the killing of a number of Saudi troops directly following the Yemeni missile attacks is new.

After the incident, Saudi allies, including Saeb Al-Ahmad Jaber al-Sabah, Kuwaiti Emir and UAE President, conveyed condolences to Saudi Arabia. Now, all the controversy over the media propaganda of the Yemeni missile power has ended, and everyone has realized the Saudi's apparent weakness in countering the missile power of the Yemeni forces.

The messages of condolence also demonstrate that Riyadh missile defense systems are not capable of tracking all Yemeni missile missiles as was claimed by the Saudis. Earlier, Saudi officials had been deceiving and distorting public opinion arguing that rocket defense systems have tracked all Yemeni missiles.

The Saudis have long been thinking about buying an Iron Dome missile defense system from the Zionist regime. In the same vein, the Zionist daily Jerusalem Post confirmed that the Saudi government was trying to buy an Israeli dome in order to counter the missile attacks of the military and popular committees in Yemen. Elsewhere, a European businessman in arms sales in Saudi Arabia said too that Riyadh was considering buying Israeli weapons, including an active system (dome of iron) developed with advanced systems.

Now that the Yemeni forces, with the help of the people of the country, have succeeded in accomplishing a lot of fieldwork against the Saudis and the aggressors, Americans, too, in addition to providing field and arms assistance to Saudi Arabia, support the media and propaganda of the invaders.

Washington’s main purpose is to distract public from Saudis and its aggressors’ failure against Yemeni forces in recent weeks.

In the same vain, Americans have focused on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Secretary of Defense James M. Mattis once again accused Iran of hijacking Yemen, saying that the missile launched on April 2 in the direction of Saudi oil tanker by the Houthis was provided by Iran.

Mattis argued that the threat against shipping in the Red Sea was entirely posed by Iran. Therefore, he urged that they should control this issue, or else there will be consequences.

The US ridiculous claim was dismissed by the United Nations since there was no evidence that rockets fired into Saudi were from Iranian positions.

In any case, what seems to be quite clear is that as a result of the recent successes of the Yemeni missile forces against the Arab aggressors, the field equations have changed in the war over Yemen, and now it is in favor of the Yemeni Resistance Forces who are a threat to the invaders and criminals.


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