Claim to send missile to Yemen, ‘sheer lie’ and ‘awkward scenario’

TEHRAN, Feb. 20 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi on Tuesday said here Tuesday on his tweet that Iran’s missile program is defensive and deterrent.

Referring to complete blockade of Yemen, Ghasemi denied sending missile from Iran to this war-torn country categorically and called it as awkward scenario which has been orchestrated for bolding aggressors and intruders.

He pointed his finger towards the French and UK foreign ministers and said, “major concern of British foreign secretary and French foreign minister from Iran’s missile defensive program is unreasonable and without any reasonable justification.”

As it has been reiterated repeatedly, Islamic Republic of Iran has designed its missile defense program based on its military doctrine and experiences obtained during Iraqi imposed war against Iran (1980-1988) in order to prevent and deter any re-aggression of other powers against this country, Ghasemi reiterated.

In this way, Iran will not accept interference of other countries in its internal affairs and considers this kind of unprincipled positions as ‘irresponsible and ambiguous’.

While rejecting the claim of sending missile to Yemen by Iran strongly, he added, “these unfounded and baseless claims have been already answered by the Foreign Ministry vividly. Here, I emphasize that Yemeni army and popular forces do not need weaponry contribution of other countries.

However, defense of people of this war-stricken country from the sovereignty of their land and territory has been cited as the main failure and defeat of aggressors in this country, he observed.

In conclusion, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman called on immediate cession of sales of European and American military weapons to the Saudi Arabia and other perpetrators and warmongers and said, “these aggressive countries kill dozens of innocent people in this impoverished country and spread insecurity, poverty and instability more than ever.”


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