Former Lebanese Pres. lauds Nasrallah as man of action

TEHRAN, Dec. 29 (MNA) – Former Lebanese president criticized Arab countries for lack of action against Israeli and American plots in the region, and applauded the resistance forces for being the men of action.

Referring to the efforts to disarm the Lebanese resistance movement, Emile Lahoud Lebanon's former president said the weapon of resistance should remain because it complements the military of the army.

The former president of Lebanon made the remarks in an interview with the Iranian network Al-Kawthar, referring to the events of 2000 and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern parts of Lebanon.

“We already knew that the Israelis intend to retreat. They escaped at 5 o'clock in the morning, and I personally got in the area at around 8:30 in the morning and reassured the local people of those areas who were worried to be taken revenge of affected by the psychological warfare of the Israelis, that the Resistance Forces are honorable and gallant people nobody is looking for revenge,” the former Lebanese president recounted the events of 2000 retreat of Israelis from Lebanon’s soil.

Emile Lahoud emphasized his opposition to disarming Resistance forces after Israelis escaped the occupied parts of south Lebanon.

“The difference between army and resistance forces is that the army is a force of regular military with definite location and specified weapons which makes it easy be targeted, but it's not easy to target resistance forces, because they do not have a special location. The Americans had such an experience with the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War. They appeared al of a sudden at one moment and struck and fled. It was the problem that defeated the Americans in Vietnam. In my opinion, the weapon of resistance must remain in the hands of the Lebanese resistance forces because they, the forces of the resistance movement, complete the Lebanese army,” asserted Mr. Lahoud.

The former president of Lebanon warned of conspiracies plotted against Lebanon and said “the Israeli regime would fail if it once again decided to enter a war with Lebanon, like in 2000 and 2006, and as a result they are looking for a much more dangerous plot. They are looking for intrigue in Lebanon through the presence of two million foreigners in the country. Those who live in Lebanon as Syrian refugees do not have a passport and birth certificate, and do not know where they really came from and where they depend. Many of them may come from the Caucasus or from other areas and their mission is to destroy Lebanon,” he warned.

“The US president is trying to escape the problem. He wants to compensate for his failures inside the country with successes abroad, in addition to the fact that the US government is heavily influenced by the Zionist lobby,” asserted Emile Lahoud saying that the US President Tramp’s decision about al-Quds, first and foremost, was because of the internal problems of the US government

"Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is a sacred place for Muslims, Christians and Jews, and Jerusalem does not belong to the Zionists merely because it has been decided,” the former president of Lebanon said, “The protest against Trump’s decision is very important, but if these protests are not promoted by actions, they will not be useful. The Lebanese started a practical resistance against Israel and then supported others, including the Syrian president.”

"I do not advise that the Arab and Islamic countries to launch a war, but I want them to do the least possible thing," Lahoud added.

For example, in response to Trump's measure of declaring al-Quds as the capital of Israeli regime, they have to jointly announce al-Quds as the capital of Palestine. Or, the leaders of these countries can, instead of delivering deceptive speeches, threaten the US that if the Americans do not back away from their decision, the Islamic countries would withdraw their money from US.”

He pointed to the Lebanese Foreign Minister “honest and courageous speeches in support of al-Quds and Palestine at the Arab League summit” saying that it rooted from the power of resistance in Lebanon.

Saying that all Arabs should take such a position he continued “What is the use of stressing merely diplomacy and the passing of this slogan that we do not want war and what we want is peace. Can they be deterrent? Erdogan says that he will continue to be loyal to the cause of Palestine. Very well, but it is necessary to bring these words into action.”

Condemning the recent Arab League decision to put Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations, Emile Lahoud said that this move would not only fail to undermine Hezbollah's position in Arabic and Islamic countries, but also strengthen it.

“Now all the real Arabs can be summed up in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, as well as Algeria, which have honorable positions. The rest of the Arab countries are in contact with Israel. We won in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and they want to get what they could not achieve by war,” affirmed the Lebanese politician.

Referring to a recent lecture by the Secretary General of the Lebanese movement of Hezbollah Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah, in a gathering of supporters of Quds in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Emile Lahoud said, “I know Seyyed Hassan and he is the one who acts when he speaks. He is not like ordinary politicians.”

“When Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah says that they will move toward al-Quds in millions and when Ghasem Suleimani calls the Palestinian resistance forces after victories in Iraq and Syria and makes a statement that he is ready for any help, this will push Israelis to reconsider their calculations,” noted the Lebanese politician.

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