Hezbollah defender of Lebanese soil

TEHRAN, Aug. 30 (MNA) – Lebanon’s chargé d'affaires in Tehran, Ali Al-Habhab, believes that Hezbollah’s presence in foreign military operations aims to defend soil of the Arab country as the group been fighting terrorism for years.

Dominance of Resistance Forces on Al-Qalamoun region in Lebanon brought about a humiliating defeat for terrorists placing them in a weak position. Takfiri terrorists who suffered a heavy loss in Jaroud Arsal on the common borders of Syria and Lebanon never intended to taste a second defeat in Al-Buka and other parts of the border between Syria and Lebanon. Takfiri commanders know well that their failure in the Lebanese and Syria border regions, Al-Qalamoun in other words, has undermined spirits of Takfiris more than ever. Yet another issue regarding Al-Qalamoun liberation pertains to concerns held by the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime knows well that if the Resistance gains further victories in the common border areas between Syria and Lebanon, the much-wanted day for liberation of the occupied Golan Heights will eventually arrive. As such, the Zionist regime never hesitated to provide services to Takfiri terrorists in border areas.

In the same line, the International Desk of Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with Ali al-Habhab, chargé d'affaires of the Lebanese Embassy in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the details of which follow.

Early into his remarks, al-Hobhobh, while pointing to popularity of Lebanon's Hezbollah and the status of the group in the Arab country, said Hezbollah is a political group in Lebanon which enjoys a completely formal position in the country. Lebanese Hezbollah is also a popular group backed by Lebanon's society.

The Lebanese official also referred to the presence of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Forces in the west Al-Qalamoun battle alongside the Syrian army adding “in fact, Lebanon's Hezbollah is fighting against Takfiri terrorist groups on the common borders with Syria to defend the territory of its country. No one can criticize Hezbollah for its participation in similar operations.”

He later noted that if Lebanon's Hezbollah had not participated in operations such as Al-Qalamoun, security situation in Lebanon would have been undoubtedly different. Therefore, Hezbollah, on top of all, aims at defending Lebanon’s soil which is admirable from our point of view.

In response to a question on criticism of Hezbollah for participating in military operations abroad, Al-Habhab said “Hezbollah's objective is clear as well as that its participation in these operations is not contrary to existing laws in Lebanon. Every individual or group in Lebanon is obliged to act alone as the intelligence apparatus of the country; this means that everyone is obliged to confront any action taken against the national security of the country.”

Lebanese Embassy official also stated that Hezbollah was also acting in accordance with a clear agenda. Hezbollah is now aiding the government to secure Lebanon, a measure with is worth admiration. The claims that Hezbollah’s operations outside Lebanese borders cause insecurity in the country is by no means correct. These unfair and unjust claims prevent appreciation of achievements gained by the Resistance outside Lebanese territory.

In response to a question about US actions against Hezbollah and the fact that the US Congress plans to propose a boycott of Hezbollah, he said “the US undoubtedly pursues certain goals but similar measures will be properly responded to by Hezbollah and the Lebanese government.

The Lebanese chargé d'affaires also maintained that “presently, a great rapprochement exists between Hezbollah and the government of Lebanon. Of course, if anti-Hezbollah sanctions are seriously proposed by the congressional representatives, the Lebanese government will enter issue. Relations between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah are such that government officials are able to conduct international consultations to resolve the issue.

“All world countries are aware that Hezbollah has been involved in the fight against terrorism for many years and is now one of the most powerful armies in the region. Hezbollah is one of the main and undeniable parts of the political system of Lebanon. Therefore, it is crystal clear that any action against it will also be faced with the response of the Lebanese government,” he underlined.

Interview by Ramin Hossain Abadian


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