‘Separ’ warship to join Navy flotilla within days

TEHRAN, Dec. 01 (MNA) – Iranian Army’s Navy Admiral Khanzadi said ‘Separ’ (Shield), the new missile-launcher warship, is expected to join the Islamic Republic Navy flotilla in the Caspian Sea next week.

Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, Iran’s Navy Commander, made the remarks on Friday morning on the occasion of National Army Navy Day and, while referring to influential role of the Navy in escort of vessels to maintain the Iranian economy during the Holy Defense years, said “the Navy remained in the sea even after the Imposed War since one responsibility of the force was to establish the country’s security on the sea.”

“Maritime routes and the routes for Iran’s exports and imports pass through the Gulf of Aden, the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait and the Suez Canal to the west and north of the Indian Ocean to the east, so as we are faced with a perverse phenomenon of piracy, the Navy needs to maintain the security of the country’s exported and exported goods. For the same reason, up to 50 naval fleets have been deployed to missions to maintain maritime safety.”

Navy Commander Khanzadi said that the Army's Navy, with guidance of the Leader, has begun a very coherent, planned and targeted move towards self-sufficiency; “the enemy thought it would stop Iran’s naval advancement with cruel sanctions, but Jamaran, Damavand and other navy vessels have been successfully constructed.”

He stressed that Separ warship will be added to flotilla of the Iranian Navy in the Caspian Sea in the coming week, which symbolizes authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran at sea.


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