Ghasemi slams UK’s sale of unconventional arms against Yemenis

TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) –The Spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bahram Ghasemi, condemned the latest remarks of Saudi and British FMs.

Bahram Ghasemi described the remarks made by British and Saudi foreign ministers at a joint conference in Riyadh as “baseless projections for hiding their destructive roles in supporting Takfirist terrorism and committing numerous and extensive anti-humanitarian crimes in the horrific and ruinous war against the people of Yemen.”

“No doubt remains that after clear oppositions and protests voiced by the clear conscience people of the globe against the sale of British weapons which are used by Saudi Arabia against the people of Yemen,” said the Iranian diplomat, “the British statesmen are still selling and dispatching lethal weapons to a country which is aggressing and involved in the war of Yemen, and to the terrorists who have been formed and cared by them.”

Referring to Saudi FM Jubeir’s remarks on Iran’s relation with al-Qaeda and elements of Takfirist terrorism, Ghasemi described the remarks as ridiculous and rooted in negligence about the strengths of Iran’s security, “which is based on independence of security strategies and having no bond with terrorist and extremist ideologies, the two factors whose lack is suffered by Saudi rulers.”

The Iranian diplomat reiterated that the lack of knowledge about the steadiness of Iran’s security has made the Saudis confused in their analysis of Iran’s security.   

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