IME, Headquarters of Fighting Smuggling of Goods ink MoU

TEHRAN, Jul. 29 (MNA) – In the presence of the two institutions’ senior managers, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Iran Mercantile Exchange and Headquarters of Fighting Smuggling of Goods and Currency.

According to the report by the IME’s International Affairs and PR, in this meeting which was held in Headquarters of Fighting Smuggling of Goods and Currency, about signing this MoU CEO of IME stated that one of the IME’s major missions is to establish regulatory infrastructure for regulatory authorities such as Headquarters of Fighting Smuggling of Goods and Currency so that these institutions can play part of their roles through IME’s groundwork.

Hamed Soltaninejad added that the important issue is that monitoring requires information and instruments, and the IME, in addition to providing comprehensive information to the regulatory authorities in order to prevent out-of-network sales and smuggling of goods in the country, can design and set up the required instruments.

He stressed that, of course, in any regulatory debate and in bilateral exchanges, many considerations are not taken into account, but when the exchange steps up, the interests of both parties are met and the transparency debate is fully respected; in these conditions, not only the systematic access will be provided through IME, but also the required information will be provided for the regulatory bodies.

Regarding signing the MoU between IME and Headquarters of Fighting Smuggling of Goods and Currency, he said that by signing this MoU and exchanging information under this memorandum, the conditions for carrying out the necessary measures to prevent the smuggling of some derivatives of oil such as bitumen, tax evasion and money laundering issues will be fulfilled.

Completion of the Country's Oversight Cycle with IME’s Contribution

During the signing of the MoU between the headquarters and the IME, the head of "Headquarters of fighting smuggling of goods and currency" also pointed to the transparency process and the possibility of providing observable information through IME and said in the issued regarding smuggling of goods and currency, we have reached a general principle that, if we give priority  to the transparency in the various processes including trade and the purchase and sale of goods and currency, a large part of the problems that lead to corruption or smuggling will be solved and will prevent potential violations.

Habibollah Haghighi emphasized that in this area, IME is among the systems that lead the process of providing information and buying and selling of goods toward transparency and provides the possibility of reviewing and monitoring of information from the beginning to the delivery of goods.

He stated that in order to provide services for Headquarters of fighting smuggling of goods and to complete the regulatory cycle, there are some steps that can be taken from the capabilities and access of the IME. In this regard, effective measures have been taken to sign this memorandum, which we hope will help to provide better and more effective outputs in the area of the process of conducting the missions of the headquarters.


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