US policies in region new form of "universal fascism"

TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan has condemned US attack on Syrian territory, calling the move contrary to the principles of international law.

In his speech at the VI Moscow Conference on International Security (MCIS), Dehghan said the international security system, although designed based on the principles of accepting self-determination of nations, respect for national sovereignty, non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and illegality of the use of force in transition, has faced military and security challenges in different regions of the world due to the West and especially the US illegal acts and breaching the principles which endangered seriously the security and stability in the world.

He noted that in such circumstances, global security threats can be considered from various angles:

- Irresponsibility in speech, behavior and decisions of US new president.

- The continuing crisis in the Middle East and specifically failure to achieve Palestinian causes and aspirations.

- The activation of historical tensions of Korean Peninsula with the West.

- Continuation of US, Israel, Britain and Saudi Arabia’s support for Takfiri terrorist groups and their efforts to continue the policy of maintaining the balance of these military groups with the involved governments.

- Expansion of defeated takfiri terrorists' presence in Iraq and Syria to other countries and the rise of terrorist activities in these regions.

Dehghan condemned the double standard behavior against terror and terrorists, saying international law organizations, human rights advocates and leaders are watching the killing of innocent men and women, creation of panic and fear, homeless people, forced migration in conflict zones and restrictions on humanitarian aids, but not only never defend the governments and the oppressed nations, but also encourage and support the terrorists.

In this process, Dehghan noted, the Americans are trying to display a new form of "universal fascism" with a new doctrine and the policy of "commercialization of security" and stabilize their future role in the international system.

“The result of this policy creates imaginary and fictitious threats and cooperation with regional and trans-regional allies to induce Xenophobia, especially with regard to Russia, China and Iran to justify their presence, establishment of new bases and further intervention in different regions,” Dehghan noted, adding they seek to plunder the wealth of the region under the pretext of securing the United states, and prevent maintanance of the most urgent need of the world, namely peace, security and sustainable development.

Iranian defense minister said the Islamic Republic believes that the US or any other country is not able to achieve its political and expansionist objectives in the Middle East, North Africa and the subcontinent with the support of war, terror and terrorist organizations in the region.

“Islamic Republic of Iran believes that if military terrorism remains in Syria and Iraq, it will soon put its big and small donors, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, America and Europe under the most brutal terrorist acts,” he added.

Dehghan underlined that any theory seeking contradiction with Iran’s influence in the region and ignores the formation of regional historical facts and their relationships, is doomed to failure from the outset. “US successive defeats in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan is the proof for this fact.”


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