Islamophobia, racism and Takfiri ideas share common roots

TEHRAN, Mar. 28 (MNA) – Iran’s President said Islamophobia, racism and Takfiri thoughts, despite their different origins, are practically interrelated.

Hassan Rouhani, who is on a two-day visit to Russia, made the remarks at a speech delivered at Moscow State University (MSU).

The full text of Rouhani’s speech is as follows:

‘In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful’

I am deeply pleased to be visiting your campus and be present in your friendly gathering. At a time when the beginning of spring is being celebrated in Iran and most countries in the region, these countries, while embracing the natural spring, ponder upon spring of spirits and souls since Nowruz marks a fresh season in the nature which inspires sublime meanings. Nowruz indicates that the world, rather than residing in the past or being static, is evolving, changing and moving towards prosperity. In line with an old tradition of several thousand years, Nowruz is a time to visit relatives and neighbors to spread love and intimacy and to deepen friendships and strengthen and renew our covenants. Therefore, my presence in the early days of the Iranian new year in your beautiful country is meant to emphasize the friendly and stable relations between the two nations of Iran and Russia.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Responsibility for scientists and academics today has become far more difficult than ever. Resolving problems in this complex world requires a more active role in scientific, economic, political and social developments. Nowadays, the world is suffering from issues like social gaps, environmental changes, identity crises, civil wars, violence and extremism. Addressing these difficulties requires effort and continuous cooperation between all nations.

Decline of Western dominance over the world and end the monopoly of wealth, power and Technology has offered nations a historic opportunity to put up foundations of a new world whose structure is based on common human values such as peace, justice, equality, freedom, moderation, tolerance, respect for culture and rights of nations, avoiding tension and violence in a bid to turn the world into a safer place for all.

In the early days of my responsibility as President of Iran, I invited the world to a coordinated and targeted combat against the phenomenon of violence and extremism; an initiative which was unanimously adopted at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in the form of a Resolution called World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE). Now with four years passes, a greater need is felt for a global commitment to addressing roots of violence and extremism; a determination that puts an end to imposition of narrow interests over common values.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Unfortunately, today we are observing growth of violent extremism in the world. Islamophobia, racism and Takfiri thoughts, despite their different origins, are interrelated in action as they all seek to weaken cohesion of nations and give rise to violence and extremism.

In this dangerous world, humanity needs voice of moderation more than any other time. Today, the world is thirsty for justice, tired of violence and in search of a solution that respects dignity of human beings and gives meaning to their lives through religion and spirituality without ignoring materiality and welfare. Those who have depicted a dark and violent image of religion, which is indeed the message of human emancipation, have not only made humanity deprived of unifying, peacemaking and calming message of social life, but also, in the name of religion, have slaughtered people in the fire of extremist sectarianism.

Dear professors and students,

The only way out of the ongoing plight is tolerance and restraint in the first step and development of multilateral and honest talks which respect interests of all countries in the second. Our goal should be to achieve a sustainable mechanism for development of democracy, strengthening government efficiency and peaceful resolution of disputes.


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