Iran not to be any war initiator

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Minister of defense has addressed Tehran Security Conference during which he said any war against Iran would only have the initiator as true loser.

Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan told the meeting that security was the major concern for states, and understanding of security arrangement and management of regional conflicts provided them with guarantees to their collective security; “the Middle East is the hotbed of all developments and collective security becomes extremely complicated for the very geopolitical status of the region; this would wield far-reaching impacts on the dynamics of security order of the region; the emergence of ISIL indicates an imbalance in the geopolitics, which creates new players and changes roles these players would take,” Dehghan detailed.

“The current roaming situation is that of uncertainty and insecurity, with the countries engaged in efforts to manage regional conflicts. This requires a future framework of the security in the region, where states occupy the center stage, while the same states are too weak to control the chaotic situation where other players sweep aside failed states.”

“A failed state challenge in the Middle East surfaces when they fail to provide the security for their people; such situation deprives the states of their central authority and the rise of forces evidently ethnic in origin, which defy the national rule,” Dehghan told the meeting. “The ongoing situation would culminate in civil wars, and possibly foreign players would see the situation propitious to intervene, giving thus rise to new political entities as their proxies.”

“Such situation is current in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen; observers generally believe ISIL would migrate to Central Asia, Libya or far-flung regions of Jordan borders after they concede defeat in Iraq; this will be alarming for Afghanistan, since the county had been traditionally the abode of Takfirist elements; to this background Iran should act and react; as an influential if not dominant power in the Middle East, it would be under some influence, to which the government and all other Establishment bodies would fashion an effective deterrence arrangement where all components of such arrangement would address the uncertainty and chaos of the situation,” he suggested.

“Iran’s security doctrine espouses an anti-western and pro-Islamic tenet, where general good relations with countries in the region provides the material for foreign policy, and which supports a state-oriented system of security, with minimal foreign intervention; respect for national sovereignty of countries is a pivot in this architecture,” Dehghan emphasized.


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