Iran to invite oil, gas exploration tenders

TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Oil Minister Zanganeh has expounded on details and conditions of inking new oil and gas exploration contracts in the post-JCPOA era.

In time with putting several developmental oil projects out to tenders, a new round of oil and gas exploration activities will soon kick off by inviting new international tender. 

Bijan Zanganeh, while describing new plans to hold tenders in the industry during the post-JCPOA era, said "following developmental activities in the Iranian oil and gas fields, the next priority will be inviting tenders for exploratory project." 

"Areas on which exploratory studies have not been carried out yet will be assigned to willing companies," said the official adding "in the new model for exploration activities in the country, development of fields will take place once the exploratory process is over." 

Zanganeh emphasized that the amount of bonus for exploration activities will be decided upon and announced while signing the contract in order to clarify details of the task and facilitate completion of oil and gas exploration projects in the country. 

With the new order on exploration activities in Iran in the new area emerged after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was implemented, international tenders are expected to be invited for 13 new oil and gas blocks in order to attract investment and partnership of the world's oil giants. 

Overall in the post-sanction period, in addition to exploration and development contracts, Iran intends to make a call for tender submissions for a total of 29 oil fields including 21 onshore and 8 offshore ones. 


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    • Iran US 01:45 - 2016/11/27
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      everything the leader says about American politics and animosity is correct but one should not use this as and excuse for pillage and repression of Iranian people, because that would be the worst case of back stabbing against people who have sacrificed a lot for the sake of not bending to Imperialist and its stooges in this world, Iranian can be the champion of the war against every repression terrorism and imperialism if they can fix their own problem inside the country. if they can stop those people who are looting the country under disguise of being sanctimonious and they are holding key positions and have access to lot of money being created from selling raw materials such as oil and other mining materials. Iran is a rich country but not for 40 million Iranian who live bellow poverty line , and for 8 million people who are unemployed and are mostly graduate from universities, and if you count women who are educated and doing the household work for family the number would be mo
    • cyrus TW 05:14 - 2016/11/28
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      for family the number would be more than 12 million ,what Iran needs at this time is to invest lot of money on creating jobs, jobs that would create products with high standard to compete in world market so they can separate their economy dependency from oil money and selling raw materials. they should use their raw materials and resources in order to create and produce products that would bring much more revenue than selling oil and raw materials . in this case you can creates millions of jobs to make the people of Iran and future generation safe and strong . The worst enemy of Iran is the banking system which is based on Riba or usury and this system damage to the country is even worst than America animosity. every country that has a strong economy it has a banking system that creates loans for low income families to buy houses and products and creates loans for building factories and infrastructures, these loans are usually 1 to 4 percents