Sun setting on US hegemony

TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Head of Strategic Research Center has said Americans would no longer accept the saga of US hegemony of the Bush administration.

Ali Akbar Velayati who was speaking to the press on Tuesday after his diplomatic meetings, commented on the prospects of Donald Trump presidency for the US; “what happened during the US elections reflects the dynamics of the domestic realities of the country; American people had been frustrated by the recent conduct of the administrations in the White House and Trump election is a backlash of the mentality which sought to be different than previous elections,” he told the press.

“This is indication of the fact that sun is setting on the American empire; the mentality about the US conventional politics is largely of despair; responding to this, American people sent somebody to the White House who undermined the accepted norms of party politics in the US in rhetoric intended to impress the average public,” Velayati added. “No matter what would be Trump and his policies, either positive or negative, I believe, Americans are no longer believing in the US hegemonic power and the ambitions set in grandiloquent language by Bush administration; the belief is now incipient that America is not a single hegemonic power; this was an outcome Americans reached at only within recent 25 years, when they found that adventurism of their governments in Afghanistan and Iraq had been but squandering of tax payer money.”

“Now Saudi Arabia targets Yemenis by American weapons; ISIL, their foster child, wrought havoc upon the region; budget deficit would not allow the US to follow ambitions of the times of ‘War on Terror,’ however I believe Americans had never been an empire in strict sense of the term,” he asserted.

“Just as the British Empire gradually retreated from around the world after the World War II, the US will walk on the same path inevitably and will accept that they are only one of the many players of the international arena.”

On Trump election, Velayati believed that the president-elect was fitting the hard economic times of the US, a figure more focused on the domestic issues than international adventurism and had the mandate by the public votes; on Trump election campaign claims that he would tear JCPOA apart, Velayati responded back with a quotation from the Leader who had famously said that should the US president tears apart JCPOA, Iran would set fire on the same JCPOA.

On China’s regional ambitions in the Middle East and the fact that when the dust cleared, the country would claim a quota of the spoils or credit for bringing stability; “we do not believe China seeks ambitions in the Middle East and will continue our trade with China in particular and South East Asia in general,” Velayati concluded.


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