Lausanne failure roots in ‘disbelief in solving Syrian crisis’

TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Speaker of Parliament has told deputy of parliament of Czech Republic the west and their allies in Syria systematically lack belief in solving Syrian crisis, a thing he believed brought about failure of Lausanne round of talks.

Mr. Larijani and Mr. Mr Přemysl Sobotka, President of the Senate, and Deputy-Speaker of Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic met on Monday evening to address bilateral parliamentary relations as well as terrorism and the crises in the Middle East.

Lairjani believed that Syrian crisis would be solved if only the US and the west in general possessed a serious belief in the fact that the crisis was to be resolved; “however, with that essential gap in the Lausanne round of talks, the whole negotiations failed; the militancy and the extremism fueled by the US and its allies had spread to the region well beyond immediate borders of Syria and Iraq and fostered petty terrorist groups otherwise pressed on the wall out of the lack of opportunity and space,” he emphasized.

“To address terrorism, a serious fight against its roots is necessary; the Islamic Republic of Iran looked the whole Lausanne maneuvering with suspicion from the onset, since she believed solely in political solution, while the west lacked any belief in solution of the crisis in Syria; efforts to topple Assad amounted to turmoil and introduction of extremist elements to Syria,” he asserted. Larijani also voiced support for Iraqi government in its efforts to liberate Mosul.

On Iran-Czech Republic relations, Parliament speaker believed long history of diplomatic relations provide grounds for economic relations and for reviving potentials of trade and better ties; “Parliaments would contribute to this through exchanges of delegations to Tehran and Prague,” Larijani told the meeting.

Mr. Sobotka told the meeting that the image of Iran represented in the media diagonally opposed to the realities in Iran which tourists would see with their own eyes; “the images in the media are distorted and inaccurate; true images would contribute to improvement of bilateral relations,” he said.

“Czech Republic and Iran are central to their own regions in the Middle East and Europe, and thus would provide opportunities mutually to find markets and other opportunities to attain economic development; on terrorism, we believe it is a grave threat to the international community and I share your view that interference in the Middle East affairs gave birth to the crisis now engulfing the whole region, with children as illegitimate as ISIL and other fanatics and extremists,” he concluded.


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