Impotent rage of Washington

DAMASCUS, Sep. 04 (MNA) – The US and its allies have once again demonstrated that their foreign policy is not aimed at resolving the long-term Syrian crisis but boosting their own interests in the region.

Washington not only provides military assistance to so-called moderate Syrian opposition, that has been repeatedly condemned for war crimes, but also launched information offensive against its geopolitical rivals in the Middle East, Russia and Iran, who successfully fight against terrorism in Syria.

Some quality American press presented the withdrawal of Russian aircraft from Hamadan airbase in Iran as the evidence of the cooling in relations between Moscow and Tehran which had recently moved to the unprecedented new level. According to the statements made by some local liberal politicians, close and fruitful cooperation between Iran and Russia annoy pro-American part of the Iranian political elite.

Besides the US intelligence data, that some authors often refer to, can't be considered as a serious argument because nowadays the American intelligence services have already become a source of disinformation so much useful to the White House in order to justify its foreign policy and to discredit its opponents. The US intelligence once again proved its incompetence when they informed Washington about the allegedly sharp contradictions that have arisen as a result of Russians using the Iranian military infrastructure. This news item was then immediately spread by Western mainstream media.

However, according to our source at the Iranian Ministry of Defense, Russia and Iran have no contradictions concerning their fight against terrorism. "Russians have once again accepted a kind invitation from the Iranian side, which provided them with the airbase to attack terrorist positions in Syria", he stressed. "Our countries have a long experience of cooperation. Hamadan airbase has been regularly used by the Russian Air Force, and we can definitely state that our cooperation will continue in future".

This claim was officially confirmed by the Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani who said that Russian fighter jets' flights from Hamadan are not halted and that Russia will keep using the airbase as long as it is needed.

Today it is evident that the USA are disappointed and frustrated by the fact that Moscow manages to achieve its Middle East goals, as well as pick up new allies and expand the sphere of its influence. As for the USA and its allies, their anti-terrorist efforts can't be called successful, and their originally stated goals are now as far from being fulfilled as a year ago. That's why Washington will carry on an information war and attempt to discredit joint operation conducted by Tehran and Moscow against terrorists.

Said AlKhalaki is a freelance activists working in Syria and Iraq with Inside Syria Media Center.

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