Iran unveils domestic ‘Iodofolic’ tablet as pregnancy supplement

TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – ‘Iodofolic’ medicine as an essential pregnancy supplement reached mass production in Iran for the first time and was unveiled Tue. by researchers and experts of pharmaceutical industry.

International studies reveal that administration of iodine tablets along with folic acid during pregnancy and breastfeeding can prevent the potential damage caused by deficiency of these two elements in the body.

According to the research, iodine deficiency affects the production of thyroid hormones, crucial for the normal development of the brain and nervous system in babies, leading to a lower IQ and cretinism, severely stunted physical and mental growth.

Given the significance of the supplement for pregnant women, Iranian Knowledge-based company ‘Pazhuhesh Kav Afagh’ funded the production of ‘Iodofolic’ tablets. The tablet was processed on an industrial scale and reached mass production in high quality at ‘Dorsa Daru’ pharmaceutical company.

With the production of ‘Iodofolic’ tablets, in addition to promoting health in the society and preventing the outflow of currency, an important step has been taken toward national self-sufficiency.

‘Iodofolic’ tablet is a unique combination of iodine and folic acid which is considered as the most important nutrient necessary for the growth of the nervous system, vision and hearing abilities in fetus and infants, during women's pregnancy and breastfeeding.




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