Arab vs. non-Arab conflicts set up by Imperialism to destroy Islam

TEHRAN, Feb. 23 (MNA) – A Senior Hamas official has sit in an interview to Leader’s official website where he has talked about a host of issues including the future of the Third Intifada and Hamas relations with Syria after the terrorism and war hit the country.

In an interview with, Mr. Hamdan sheds light on Hamas-Syria relations as well as Iran’s ties with Hamas, how the arming of the West Bank has progressed, how Palestinians view Iran and how Hamas views some Islamic countries’ efforts to normalize relations with Israel as the number of people martyred in the Third Intifada rises up.


What is the condition of the Third Intifada, at what stage is it and in your opinion how long will this intifada last?

In the name of God. Without a doubt supporters of the intifada which Palestinians have taken up since British occupation in 1917, realize that their most notable corridor has always been resistance. In regards to Palestinian resistance, a critical point historically, was at some stage during the signing of Oslo Accord peace treaty with the Zionist regime. I believe it was a crucial point because of the amount of pressure that the treaty imposed on the Palestinian nation, in order to ‘normalize’ relations with the Zionist regime. The treaty was doomed for failure since its origins.

Moreover, western powers -the United States in particular- jest as if the normalization process were still in effect. The Intifada has three important factors that over time contributed towards its development. First, it has commenced in an effort to demonstrate that this idea of normalization is insincere. The second attribute, is that of the bold generation who blossomed in the shadow of the Oslo Accord, the initiators of the Third Intifada. If you behold those martyred, who launched operations against the occupying Zionist regime, you find they are remarkably young. Many of the martyrs are younger than 18. These courageous souls were born in the shadow of the Oslo Accord or a within few years of its instigation.

The occupying Zionist regime expected Palestinians to deal with the atrocious experience of occupation peacefully and in submission of the occupation. However, they fought the occupation and moved on with a strong spirit, seeking martyrdom, one that consolidates reliance on the Islamic nation, Islam and Palestine. Today we are approaching 150 days of intifada. Israel never expected the Third Intifada to last for so long. The Israelis had denigrated the new generation of Palestine and they expected the Third Intifada to fall apart within two weeks. The Third Intifada sends a message to the Zionist regime that rather than being a defeated and surrendered young generation, they are encountered with a courageous, resilient generation, dedicated to the liberation of their lands. I believe this intifada will continue with their approach; the trend will expand into the future.


Why are Palestinians being killed in such a barbaric manner while the world and western media are silent?

Initially, the one who created the Israeli dilemma was Europe. Let me stress, that the Jews have never been oppressed or wronged by Muslims. On the contrary, the Jews have practiced their religious rituals while respected and secured among the majority of Muslims. Therefore, responsibility remains with Europe; Europe created the Zionist regime in our region and the United States supported and continues to support it. This explains why they interact with the Zionist regime and legitimize the regime’s crimes by allowing it to occupy, massacre and invade. Another major problem is what they have set up in the name of  ‘Human Rights’, has caused upheaval across the world, and is hardly ever brought up when a Palestinian, an Arab or a Muslim is killed.

However, when a Palestinian, an Arab or a Muslim tries to defend himself - our religion has prohibited us to invade or attack others but does allow us to defend ourselves- they accuse him of being a terrorist, supporting terrorism or the like. I believe that the world’s silence is not a controversial issue; it is actually in line with giving the Israelis a chance to end the conflicts and dominate over the Palestinian nation. I believe that the western governments’ support for the Zionist regime will continue until one day western nations and the people of the world -witnessing such cruelty and oppression- will rise up in support of the Palestinian nation. This unanimous awakening will lead to the victory of the Palestinian nation’s determination. It is obvious that the Palestinian nation’s determination in their resistance and struggle will receive more global support. This will boost the Islamic nation and the world’s freedom seekers’ fury against the Zionist regime.


What is the world’s duty towards the Third Intifada? What does Hamas - the Islamic Resistance Movement - ask the world, Islamic governments, the Islamic Nation and the west?

The one who has decided to resist, requests nothing from anyone. He tells the world that he will continue on his path till victory. However, we do face two sides. One side assists us and we consider them our companions in this resistance. We believe that any bullet shot by the fighters and any missile fired by anyone who helps us, shares the reward and the victory. I also frankly say, we do not value those who stand against the Palestinian nation; our message to them is clear. Today the Palestinian nation has opted for resistance, against occupation and this is the choice they have stood firm by for decades.

The Palestinians have not achieved their ultimate victory but they have gained victories on their path of resistance. The Israelis have been forced to withdraw from Gaza; during their wars against Gaza in 2008, 2012 and 2014 the Israelis failed to suppress the resistance. Thus, resistance has turned into an everlasting truth on the planet. Gaza has turned into a base for resistance against the brutal occupation of a community’s homeland; today the Intifada has reached outward towards the West Bank and Jerusalem.

We advise all that time to join the resistance is now. Those Islamic governments who do not support the resistance, at least should not stand with Israel, because the battle is closing. Liberation will soon be achieved. We will return to Jerusalem and the Palestinian nation will remember who stood by them. They will remember who disregarded them, who supported the Zionist regime standing against them, their demands and all issues. They will have to answer then.


Some people in the west try to take fair and just stances toward the people of Palestine, in one case for instance, we recently saw the Swedish prime minister’s stance in this regard.  Unfortunately, some Islamic governments try to expand and improve their relations with the usurper Zionist regime; what is the Hamas’ take on the issue?

This is one of the predicaments of the world. Definitely, some countries’ efforts to improve their relations with the Zionist regime stem from either their naivety or lack of an understanding of politics or their inexperience of history and Divine traditions. There are some who think that establishing relations with this regime would open to them the door to America. I would say, if a man seeks true legitimacy, their legitimacy would come neither from the White House nor from the Zionist regime but from the nation.

One who seeks legitimacy should look for it in their nation and if some think that relations with the Zionist regime would benefit them, I would suggest them to study history.  Where did those who had good relations with this regime end up? We are in Tehran today and Iran has been well-known and well-recognized for the support and inspiration that she gives to the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause. Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Shah was a strategic ally of the Zionist regime up until the Revolution. The Revolution won and the Shah ran away, did Israel welcome him? Did Israel give him anything? The Zionist regime did not help him at all. To the Zionist regime, the mercenaries are the cheapest things. Those who abandon their nations to join Israel are the cheapest things to the Israelis. There is a proverb that says: “the one who has no good for his close ones, won’t have any good for others.” Those who think they can benefit from Israel are delusional.

Today they can see that this truth- what they could not see before. That is why we approve of their action and encourage them. It is our duty to explain to them the issue more clearly and provide those who persistently stay on their stances with more information; because Israel’s propaganda war is strong and anyone who helps Israel is complicit in their propagandist attack.


Ayatollah Khamenei wrote a letter addressing the people, particularly the western youth. Over the last few days in Europe and other western nations, there are traces of an awakening towards issues regarding the Islamic world, particularly Palestine. Significant movements in western nations supporting Palestine have been initiated. What does your message to the youth entail?

The Leader’s letter addressing the west was an important and thorough letter. Based on the letter, it can be said that over the past century, western governments have thrived on disturbing public opinion on three major issues: with Islam, they have created this Islamophobiac environment.  I believe this strategy was set forth to prevent younger generations from learning the truth and reality of Islam in western nations. I am sure that if the youth learn about Islam in a free environment, many of them may convert to Islam. Many western politicians try to distort public opinion on Palestine. Certainly when the justice-seeking youth live in a free setting, and are made aware that the Zionist regime is occupying Palestine, they will shift their stance.As of now, boycott campaigns have been shaped. Western youth calls on others to boycott products related to the Israeli regime and its cultural centers. This bold act has feared the Israelis. Since the boycotts, the Zionist regime passed a $1bn. budget for rebuilding its reputation in Europe. For a government created and supported by the west, this is a drastic amount of budget.

This is while -over the last 60 years- the regime simultaneously claims it represents democracy and freedom. Today the world witnesses an occupied Palestine which has become like a prison of barbarism where Palestinians are massacred and neighboring countries are attacked. Secondly, it is necessary that we not forget the Israeli crimes committed against the people of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the surrounding region. The second issue has begun to widen the eyes of younger generations as they see the real face of Israel in the west.


Osama Hamdan was born in Gaza in 1965. He received his bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University of Yarmuk in Jordan in 1986. Throughout his school years, he was an active member of students Islamic movements. He was appointed the director of Hamas headquarter in Beirut in 1998 and since 2009 he has been serving as the International Relations Chief for the Hamas. The senior member of Hamas survived a terrorist attack targeting him in South Dhahia which was plotted by Mossad and killed many.

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