No shift in Tehran-Washington strategy

TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has said power debates going on inside the US are of no concern to Iran and Iran’s rights will be met within the framework of JCPOA.

Iranian Foreign Ministery Spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari at his weekly press conference on Monday in Tehran discussed several important issues.

In response to a question regarding Iran’s position on security implications of the recent comment made by US deputy foreign minister who has told the Senate that IAEA inspectors are either American or trained in the US, Jaber Ansari said “the debate on citizenship or nationality of inspectors has always been at stake at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."

“Over the past years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always exercised a great deal of sensitivity towards the issue which has also been reflected in the JCPOA,” he added.

Stressing that Iran will proceed with full commitment to JCPOA, Jaber Ansari noted that Iran will take any required action in case of necessity and according to the circumstances.

He touched upon the ongoing full-scale political war adding “as we get closer to the end of the war, issues tend to become more specific.”

“We has recurrently stated that the fights over power inside the US are of no concern to Iran since our interests will be based on JCPOA,” highlighted the spokesperson noting “any measure against the agreed details will face reciprocity and appropriate response on the part of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

In response to another question about the allocation of a special budget in the US congress for soft overthrow of Iran and that the US Secretary of State John Kerry has been put in charge of implementing the project, Jaber Ansari said JCPOA is a single agreement which pertains to one particular issue; “the strategic space between Iran and the US has not changed and both sides agree upon this matter,” he added.

The official further asserted that “the measures set out in US against the Iranian nation and government have always aroused sensitivity and we have always emphasized that reinventing the wheel is of no use.”

“Giving credence to mutual respect, cooperation as well as acceptance of the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran mark the only possible ways to interact with Iran which has its origins in the great Islamic Revolution and the nation,” he asserted.

He further maintained that Americans have repeatedly followed obsolete methods; “continuing old ways yields no result other than previous ones since the government and nation of Iran, as an integrated system, all follow particular policies preventing enemies from exploiting their interests."

Reacting to the recent statements made by the Turkish president that Iran seeks to tighten sectarianism in Syria, the FM spokesman said “the same accusations have been made against Iran for several times and we won’t take responsibility for what others say since Iran’s policy towards Syria is crystal-clear and based on robust principles.”

“The basic policy of Iran with regard to Syria is the Syrian people’s legitimate right to determine their fate while the second policy pertains to opposing exploitation of terrorism in order to attain political goals,” he asserted.

Jaber Ansari expressed hope that Iran’s policies will be pursued within the framework of these principles and the current crisis and human catastrophe will be resolved with a common understanding between Iran and other countries in the region.

He also highlighted the issue of Iran’s property restitution issued by the Supreme Court of the US; “the compensation of American hostages is derived from the French bank designated by the US government and no discussion of Iran’s interests and properties are involved in the matter.”

“Due to conflicts with the statement of Algeria, the United States is not allowed to confiscate any portion of Iran’s property,” he underlined.

Jaber Ansari went on to note that “Iran would not interfere internal affairs of the US as long as Iran’s properties remain safe; otherwise, Iran will exploit all available means to deal with the issue.”

In response to another question on the recent decision made by the US Congress which might violate JCPOA, the official said “Iran’s Parliament Special Commission for reviewing the JCPOA has been formed to oversee and monitor the entire implementation process of the agreement and the Iranian foreign ministry feels obliged to undertake the decisions made by the commission.”

FM spokesman further pointed out the expansion of NATO to the East and the addition of some East European countries as well as the activities of the military coalition in West Asia; “Iran believes that the era of military alliances and blocks of power formed during the Cold War is over as they would no longer meet the needs of the current international system.”

When asked about whether a meeting has taken place between Iranian and Saudi foreign ministers or whether the Saudi official has invited Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif to travel to Riyadh, Jaber Ansari stated “certain moves are being undertaken between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia the details of which cannot be revealed at the moment since the two sides have agreed not to reflect the issues in the media.”

He further expressed Iran’s readiness to transform the current relations between the two countries provided the serious intention of Saudi Arabia; “the ties will have bilateral outcomes for the two countries providing the grounds for taking more serious measures for management of the West Asia,” he asserted.

“We believe that if two major countries in West Asia share common will to resolve the current crisis in the region, lower costs will be imposed against the people and governments,” he underlined.

When asked about the intention of US in approving a plan of action against Iran simultaneously with the implementation of JCPOA, Jaber Ansari said “JCPOA has not followed an already-existing path rather Iran’s enemies have tried hard to prevent the reaching of a nuclear agreement and are still making efforts to interfere with the nuclear deal.”

“What matters is to retain our political and legal unity is response to these measures,” stressed the official adding “politics is an extremely complex game which demands a good understanding.”

Jaber Ansari was also asked about the Foreign Ministry’s plans to activate the energy diplomacy where he underlined “energy marks one of the main features and capabilities of Iran’s economy and the Foreign Ministry feels the importance of the issue.”

“During the post sanction era, we need to provide grounds and opportunities for trading energy with world countries as well as to offer value-added for Iranian productions in energy sectors,” he asserted.

He went on to add that “the government acts in full coordination with the Foreign Ministry in this regard while the ministry has put provision of energy efficiency opportunities on the agenda.”

In response to another question on whether Iran has complained to Russia on the issue of S300 systems delivery, FM spokesman said “at one point, Russia announced its inability to execute the contract on supplying S300 systems to Iran according to the US Security Council’s sanctions against Iran where we formed a complaint against Russia on the basis of the mechanisms existing in international law.”

“After the implementation of JCPOA, Russia expressed readiness to deliver the system and the interpretation of the theme are currently being undertaken in the course of some negotiations between the two countries,” added Jaber Ansari.

The official, in response to another question that US Congress is scheduled to renew Iran’s Sanctions Act, said “serious conflicts are going on among the flows of power in the US and as we approach the presidential elections, the foreign policy will be exploited in the domestic affairs of the United States.”

“The important issue would be that the other party fulfills all its obligations within the framework of JCPOA and if they fail to do so, Iran will hold the US government as accountable,” maintained Jaber Ansari adding “John Kerry, in a recent letter to Iran’s Zarif has clearly focused on America’s commitments to the framework of JCPOA.”

Responding to another question about the Foreign Ministry’s response to the recent attacks on Muslims and their holy places in the south of France by the French government, FM spokesman said “Iran has always warned against the Islamophobia going on in the West since these movements will merely exacerbate the issue of terrorism adding to existing problems.”

He further emphasized the need to respect all people with all religions in countries warning against the counterproductive political consequences of such immoral encounters.

Jaber Ansari further refuted the claims that two Iranian nationals have been arrested in Somalia for propagation of Shia ideology; “it has been a misunderstanding and Iran’s embassy in Somalia has demanded an explanation on the part of the African country’s authorities.”

Referring to the Vienna talks on Syria and the composition of terrorist groups, the spokesperson said “a resolution has been issued as a result of all Vienna talks and a representative of the UN Secretary General was appointed to pursue the current status of the Syrian opposition groups.”

“During the third round of Vienna talks, the Jordanian government distributed a list among the present members in which some Iranian institutions were mentioned,” underlined FM spokesman.

“Iran’s Zarif, in response to the presented list, explicitly stated that Iran is ready to announce several other international institutions to be added to the list,” said Jaber Ansari asserting “however, the producers claimed that they had compiled the list upon receiving the names from different participating countries in the talks.”

FM spokesman went on to underline that “the list was basically removed from the agenda of Vienna meeting upon the protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“A working group has been formed with the membrane of Iran in order to decide on terrorist groups,” said Jaber Ansari concluding “based on the UN Resolution, so far ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra have been explicitly recognized by all participants as terrorist groups.”




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