Larijani deems Iran-US talks as impossible

TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker has said Iran and the US follow different objectives in the region deeming any kind of negotiation between the two as impossible.

Speaking at the public session of the Parliament on Sunday morning, Ali Larijani condoled martyrdom of honored Gen. Hamedani to his respectful family, the Leader and the nation.

Larijani referred to the recent cruel actions in the region on the part of the Israeli Regime and other terrorist groups in Turkey, Yemen and Afghanistan stressing that the Zionists, having the approval and support of US, have used all their power to bring about severe turbulence in the region.

“Meanwhile, these days we can see some promising movements by the Resistance forces and their mobility can increase the solidarity in the path of resistance,” he added.

Deeming the current situation as the most turbulent condition since World War II, the Speaker asserted that, “a new plot is being devised with the aim of blocking Islamic Awakening and imposing a new order in the region and that’s why the anti-terrorist has turned into a political scandal for America and their allies.”

“The coalition forces have not taken any serious action against ISIL terrorists except for some reconnaissance flights only limited to certain places which merely proved that they cannot stand against terrorists,” he noted.

Larijani continued that, “the enemy is incorporating different strategies in the region in order to demolish Islamic aims and policies and this is why the Leader has deemed negotiations with the US as wrong and useless.”

The official further underlined that, “however, the nuclear talks were of a different nature and due to Iran’s great technological progress and the stability of the nation, the enemy felt the need to call for negotiations despite all sanctions and hostilities.”

Referring to Ayatollah Khamenei's remarks on nuclear talks, Larijani maintained that, “during the three year of negotiations Americans tried various ways to find a way against the interests of the Iranian nation but by the guidance of the Leader and the efforts of our wise negotiators they were not successful.”

“From the strategic point of view, the US and Israeli regime have suffered losses by the outcome of the nuclear talks and the deal will soon create many opportunities for Iran,” said Larijani emphasizing that nuclear talks are by no means comparable with other negotiations in the region.

Deeming cooperation with other countries as an effective way to resolve regional issues, the official called for the activity and mobility of Iran’s Foreign Ministry in expanding relations with other countries in order to find political solutions in the region.

Noting that cultural infiltration is more serious than political and economic influence, Larijani concluded that, “the cultural and political authorities, especially the owners of the mass media, should feel great responsibility in this regard,"urging them to adopt and follow clear and proper policies to neutralize enemies efforts. 


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