Russia decries Western campaign on Syria

MOSCOW, Oct. 7 (MNA) – The official Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zajarova, reported today a powerful slander and distorting campaign by the Western media and politicians on how Russia acted with Syria.

Zajarova told in a press conference convened in special session, that the fierce anti-Russian campaign is mainly based on allegations of an alleged, unlawful and incomprehensible presence of Moscow on Syrian territory.

Russia is charged, without founding argument or evidence, of pursuing goals and own interests, hidden under an alleged fight against terrorism, emphasized the spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, by citing fragments of Western publications and statements of some politicians, launched on a flight without a reliable analysis.

He said that as a rule the content of those distorted versions refers to a probable 'task of Russia to destroy the moderate opposition in the region', which is accompanied by videos and files that are completely unrelated to the current situation, noted the Russian diplomat.

Zajarova called the attention that those anti-Russian campaigns, unfortunately, are building a large scale state of opinion on the operation that Russia carried out in Syria, starting from a request of legitimate president, Bashar Al Assad.

At the same time she deplored that on the reverse, those media did not disclose videos of slaughters of civilians and summary executions perpetrated by armed militia.

To observe in this respect, that having the consent of the government of Damascus, the air operation carry out by Russian military planes against the Islamic State positions and that of other extremist groups is legitimate.

And she contrasted, meanwhile, the coalition bombing led by United States was undertaken (a year ago) with previous coordination and approval of the Syrian government, and is the reason for which Russia does not take part in the alliance, clarified Zajarova.



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