Sense of power manifested in Islamic Revolution: Zarif

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister has said that the semantic dimension of power is manifested in the Islamic Revolution and has become the basis of Iran's strength.

Addressing a group of officials, Zarif stated that “Imam Khomeini was the first person who understood the situation and left a legacy of culture and discourse dubbed as Revolution.”

He added that, “the bipolar world which could destroy everything with their deadly weapons has collapsed and it has not been replaced by any substitute system or model; therefore, the world is going through a transition period.”

“The actors of the previously powerful poles have racked out and other governments can play a role and the Islamic Republic of Iran has earned this opportunity,” stressed Zarif.

He asserted that, “besides military power, several other powers are at work including economic, cultural and semantic power.”

Defining semantic power as the ability to influence hearts and minds, Zarif continued “Americans are eager to have the world believe that military power is the sole power in the world because of their huge military budget, but the truth is that today other aspects of power are at work.”

Zarif also underlined that the reason for failure of the sanctions was the elections and not the negotiations, and said that the elections stopped the embargoes. “When the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei dubbed the presidential election a political epic it was because the election made the sanctions fail,” he said.

He underlined that the anti-Iran sanctions were against the most basic human rights, and said, “you could not open an account even for buying medicine and foodstuff and you had to pay cash.”

Zarif said today the Islamic Republic of Iran is in true sense of the word 'powerful' to influence minds and hearts.; "dimensions of power are reflected in Iran's Islamic Revolution, which should be interpreted as stabilization of the country's power."

“Today nobody considers the Islamic Republic a threat and all truly take Israel as a threat instead; if God willing it goes on this way, Israel will no longer be able to hold itself accountable for the crimes it is committing; formerly, when there were words on expansion of Jewish settlement or suppression of Palestinians, there were also discussions on Iran's nuclear arms,” said he and added that “we are not a threat; rather, we are factor of security. Since the beginning, we have been factor of security. We are not a country to be a threat to anybody as we are rich in spiritual and human resources and facilities as well as being in a good geographical condition.”


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