TEHRAN, Mar. 9 (MNA) -- The Lebanese Hezbollah on Tuesday overcame its enemies once again. The first victory for Hezbollah was attained in the year 2000, when it drove the Zionist army out of southern Lebanon after 18 years of struggle.

This victory was in fact the first and only victory for the Arabs against the Israelis since the emergence of the Zionist regime in 1948.


During the humiliating retreat of the Zionists from the Lebanese territories, the world witnessed the Zionist regime leave an Arab country without leaving its flag flying for the first time.


From then on, with its newfound influence, Hezbollah began playing a significant role in political developments in Lebanon, the region, and the entire world.


In the process of examining political developments in Lebanon, regional and extra-regional powers could no longer leave Hezbollah out of the equation in domestic and international political calculations because of Hezbollah’s great political, social, and military status in Lebanese society, which is growing more solid every day.


Over the past year, despite the extraordinary power of Hezbollah, the United States, the Zionist regime, and certain Western countries began implementing a plot to politically isolate Hezbollah by imposing pressure on Syria through political means and propaganda.


The ratification of Resolution 1559 by the United Nations Security Council, which requires Syrian forces to withdraw from Lebanese territory unconditionally, was part of this plot.


The U.S. and Israel are also trying to use the Ukraine and Georgia model in Lebanon by strengthening Lebanese political groups that are opposed to Syria’s military presence in Lebanon.


The saddening and suspicious assassination of Rafiq Hariri created a charged political atmosphere in Lebanon and allowed the foreign powers to intensify their political, propaganda, and psychological pressure on Syria meant to force it to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.


The mobilization of thousands of members of opposition groups in Lebanon and the resignation of Omar Karami’s government are part of the conspiracy of the U.S., Israel, and certain Western countries targeting Hezbollah and aiming to defeat the anti-Zionist resistance fronts in Tehran, Damascus, and Beirut.    


This conspiracy was neutralized by the general mobilization of pro-Hezbollah forces in Al-Sulh Square in Beirut on Tuesday. The world was once again surprised by Hezbollah’s political and military power.


Western countries and the Zionist regime did not believe Hezbollah had the power to summon over 1.6 million people to a demonstration in Beirut on such short notice.


This political movement has a specific message and indicates that Hezbollah is able to influence all domestic, regional, and international political developments for the benefit of Lebanon.


The recent demonstration in Beirut, in which approximately one third of the Lebanese population took part according to foreign news agencies, delivers a historic message which should convince U.S. President George W. Bush and French President Jacques Chirac to revise their stances and attitudes toward Lebanon.


Today’s Lebanon is not the Lebanon of the 1980s, that the United States and France could determine its fate within the framework of their own interests.


Lebanon’s destiny will be determined by the Lebanese youth because they recently defeated one of the most powerful armies in the world, the Zionist army, through guerilla warfare, deep religious faith, and true love for their country.    


Very few countries supported Hezbollah in its struggles in those days, and the United Nations, the United States, and the West in general never responded appropriately to the brutal crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Lebanon.


The message delivered on Tuesday by Hezbollah to the conspirators in the White House and the Elysée Palace is quite clear: Lebanon is an independent country whose people can solve their own internal problems without the interference of any foreign country.


Hezbollah undoubtedly achieved another political victory on Tuesday by making it clear that the atmosphere in Lebanon is not conducive to the political maneuvers of foreign powers, while emphasizing that all Lebanese national groups, the Sunni and Shia Muslims, the Christians, and the Druze, are united on national issues, despite their diverse political views.






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