TEHRAN, March 1 (MNA) – The head of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has headed a delegation to Lebanon.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi and the delegation met Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam, Gibran Basil, the country’s foreign minister, and Nabih Berri the speaker of the Parliament.

Bilateral ties, Imam Musa Sadr abduction dossier, and four Iranian kidnapped diplomats were among the issues discussed in these meetings.

Boroujerdi condemned the Zionist regime’s air strike to Lebanese territories as a misguided attempt to restore the lost spirits of Takfiri groups in Syria and Lebanon and “Netanyahu’s visit to terrorists wounded in Syria revealed the true face of this regime and role in destabilizing Syria and Lebanon and the nature of Syrian crisis.”

He also reiterated that the only solution for Syrian crisis was political solution. “Today, most of the countries, either Syria’s neighbors or international players have concluded that the only solution for Syria is political,” Boroujerdi added, expressing thanks to Lebanese good offices in addressing the case of four Iranian diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon and emphasized upon more serious attempts. “Both countries collaborate on the case of abduction and Imam Musa Sadr and his two companions,” he said.

Gibran Basil pointed to the Leader’s three principles of ‘dignity, wisdom and expediency’ in foreign policy and believed that Iran, drawing upon these principles, had succeeded in his foreign policy objectives to contain the Zionist regime. He also believed that peaceful nuclear technology was an undisputable right of the Islamic Republic and that hegemonic powers opposed the very fact of Iran’s reaching the technology, “while they knew that Iran had not sought nuclear weapons.”

Boroujerdi also visited Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam. He congratulated Salam on the formation of new Lebanese cabinet and wished success for the new cabinet to address and solve the country’s security problems. Salam thanks Boroujerdi and Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials for the message and pointed to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear deal with Powers and believed Iran’s undeniable role in the region as laudable. He also called for Iran’s help to boost bilateral ties.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran negotiates with the west as an important country in the region and the deal has had positive impact on Lebanese politics,” added Salam.

In meeting with Lebanese speaker of the parliament Nabih Berri, Boroujerdi provided a report of discussion between Iran’s delegation and Syrian officials. “Today, the Islamic world lives a difficult conditions, and in most of Islamic countries, Muslims are victims; a great peril has inflicted the world of Islam and the only winner of this situation is the Zionist regime,” he added. “If there were any doubt about the collaboration between Syrian terrorist fighters and the Zionist regime, now with Netanyahu’s visiting to terrorists wounded in Syria in hospitals of the regime and strike on Lebanese soil to restore the lost spirits of Takfiris has faded away,” Boroujerdi believed.

He also believed that these indications proved clearly that the Zionist regime with US support was behind the crisis in Syria and spreading it to Lebanon and Iraq. Nabih thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran’s good hosting of the 9th Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union conference and believed it as successful example.

“Zionist regime’s interest lies in the perpetuation of crisis in Syria, and it has attempted to had the Palestinian issue forgotten through creating artificial crises in the region,” he added, “now, two conspiracies are underway against Palestine; Israel is destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque and the US seeks to implement its 10-article plan on Palestine.”



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