All Iran’s missiles; supersonic, continentals

TEHRAN, Dec. 14 (MNA) – With Iran’s military deterrent capability, any military attack on the country debated in the media, an examination of the country’s missile technology reveal that Iran’s missile could reach southern Europe regions and more than 70 percent of Asian regions.

This capability has created leverage for Iran during Genève nuclear talks and defense of Iran’s nuclear rights.

Mehr News reported that Iran’s military and defense capability is the most important pivots of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s strategy in dealing with threats. The missile capabilities are deemed as the most important deterrence factor of military attack.

The Sejil (meaning baked clay) is a two-stage, long-range solid-propellant, surface-to-surface missile (SSM) produced by Iran’s Defense Industries of the Defense Ministry.

Sejjil is Iran’s first long-range, solid-propellant missile deemed by observers as Iran’s best ballistic missile, capable of mobile launcher system carrying ready-to-launch missiles.

Supersonic Persian Gulf smart missile could target enemy’s different classes of warships.

Shahab missiles family (Shahab 1, 2, 3…) should be deemed Iran’s most famous missiles in the world. Belonging to mid- and long-range family, these missiles could easily target Occupied Territories, and it was for this feature that the name of Shahab established the title ‘key to death’ for the Zionist regime internationally.

Fateh-110 or NP-110 is a ballistic short-range strategic missile. This missile enjoys one-stage solid-propellant engine. Fateh-110 is a surface-to-surface missile capable of striking targets within 200-km range.

The Ghadr-110 is among the most rapid missiles internationally, designed and developed by Iran. It can remain stealth from all radars and anti-missile missiles.

Qiam-1 is a liquid-propellant Iranian missile with high capability of mobility and dynamism.

Qiam ballistic missile is capable of being launched from special launching platforms, with minimum preparation time.

Hoot (Arabic for Whale) is an Iranian stealth torpedo which travels at approximately 360 km/h (220 mph), several times faster than a conventional torpedo.

Fajr-5, 333mm rocket is made in Iran with the range of 75Km (some military analysts speculate that the real range is higher and not disclosed for security reasons).

Sayyad anti-attack system with high operational capabilities has been developed by Iranian defense and missile industry.

The indigenous example of anti-armor missile, Toofan, is imilar to Tav missile in terms of guiding method, launcher and appearance, regardless of minor differences in size.

Nasr missile is a short-range missile capable of launching from the surface and different ships. In near future, its capability for launching would be added to helicopters and submarines. It is capable of destroying a 3000-ton target.

LASER Asr-67 with a 500-pound warhead is a semi-activated missile is capable of launching through receiving LASER beams.

Zubin (spearhead) is an air-to-surface missile guided by TV and is a pinpointing target smart weapon.


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