TEHRAN, August 8 (MNA) -- Mahmud also wished to send his only son to school …He wished his son "Sina" to be educated as engineer or physician …He wished like all good spouses of the world to live in bigger house and more comfortably …He was always saying there should be a house with a small garden full of flowers with a pond …

The wife of Martyr Mahmud Saremi still after six years of martyrdom of her husband, the correspondent of IRNA in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, chocked in anger and wept out.


Khadija Ruzbehani who has joined IRNA these days to continue the path of Saremi as a correspondent unveiled the untold sayings of Mahmud before his martyrdom.


The wife of martyr Saremi says I wish I had nothing except my husband.


Ruzbahani like the wives of all other martyrs of our homeland believes that she will once again see Mahmud and he is always in her dreams and she is always whispering his name.


She said: "I always ask him why you left us alone, we cannot live without you."


During the last six years, I only left behind the days of a hard life, but today with looking at Sina who is like his father I remember him in my heart and his memory infuses a new spirit in my body.


On the behavior of her husband at home, Ruzbehani said, “I have never seen anyone so honest and faithful to secrets of life. Though every now and then, he became angry but after 10 minutes he reined his anger and became normal again.”


She emphasized that he was actually her friend rather than a husband.


Martyr Mahmud Saremi in August 1988 after a medical treatment returned Mazar-i-Sharif and along with nine other Iranian diplomats were martyred by Taleban.


For a long period, his martyrdom was in secret and later it was revealed that they have been massacred and buried in a nearby school to Islamic Republic consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif.


Saremi joined IRNA in 1990 and was sent to Afghanistan in 1995. During this tenure, he became familiar with the grave situation the Afghans were grappling with.


Former head of IRNA Faraidun Verdinejad said Martyr Saremi does not belong to his hometown Borujerd or Iran; he is an international martyr.


He said Mahmud was a faithful, capable and honest who reported facts about the impoverished Afghans.


According to Verdinejad, one of the outstanding characters of Martyr Saremi was unquestionably his commitment to his profession as at the last moment he reported: "Mazar-i-Sharif Toppled".


His lead was:  A few minutes ago, the paramilitary troops of Taleban captured the city of Mazar-i-Sharif the stronghold of United Islamic Front.



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