Iran, Egypt, Kuwait ready to help Palestinians

TEHRAN, Sept. 22 (MNA) – In telephone calls with his Egyptian and Kuwaiti counterparts on Sunday night, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani lamented the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip and said assistance should be sent to the people affected by the Israeli siege.

“The siege of the occupied territories of Palestine has put these regions on the verge of a terrible humanitarian catastrophe because of the shortage of food and medicine,” Larijani told Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ahmed Sorour.


The speaker condemned Israel for preventing humanitarian aid to Gaza, adding, “In such circumstances, the coordination… of the Islamic countries for sending humanitarian aid to these regions is urgent.” 


“Many of the Islamic countries have announced their readiness to send humanitarian aid to the occupied territories,” Larijani stated.


Sorour also called for cooperation among all Islamic states to help the oppressed Palestinian nation. 


Palestine in need of assistance more than ever


In his telephone conversation with his Kuwaiti counterpart Jassem al-Khorafi, Larijani said, “Today, the Palestinian nation needs humanitarian aid more than ever.”


Larijani urged the Islamic countries to contrive ways to help Palestine.


Pointing to the “brutal and inhuman” behavior of the Israeli army toward Palestinian people, he said, “The critical internal conditions of the occupying Qods regime are such that this regime should embark on adventures abroad.”


Al-Khorafi, for his part, declared his country’s complete readiness to cooperate with Iran in supporting Palestinians.


“The views of Iran and Kuwait on the necessity of dispatching humanitarian aid to the Palestinian nation and the opening of crossings … are the same,” Al-Khorafi noted.


The top Kuwaiti lawmaker said there are many people including Muslims throughout the globe who are ready to send relief supplies to Palestinians but it is not possible with the roads closed.


Israel has enforced a blockade around the Gaza Strip, allowing almost no goods to enter Gaza and only limited food supplies are allowed in. Most industry has shut down. Electricity and water services have been intermittent since Israel bombed the main power station there.





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