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Iraqi political analyst to Mehr:

Israeli strike on Iran consulate came after big defeat

Israeli strike on Iran consulate came after big defeat

TEHRAN, Apr. 03 (MNA) – An Iraqi political analyst told Mehr that the Zionist Israeli regime's attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria came after its failure and defeat against growing Palestinian Resistance groups' strength.

Speaking to Mehr correspondent about the Monday deadly terrorist attack on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital of Damascus by the Zionist Israeli regime, Iraqi political analyst Qassem Salman Al-Aboudi stressed that the Zionists carried out the terror attack after their defeat and hopelessness against the Palestinian Resistance groups. 

The Iraqi analyst noted that the Zionist regime witnessed Resistance attacks deep inside the occupied territories. He added that the Islamic Resistance groups's attacks shocked the policymakers of the regime and had left them in huge shock.

"In an out of desperation attempt to get out of the stalemate that the Axis of the Islamic Resistance had put this the Zionist occupation regime in, it targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus in a situation where the region is in a dangerous position," he said 

"We believe that the goal behind this attack on the Iranian consulate is an escape forward. it came after numerous attacks by the Resistance Axis from land and sea against the Zionist enemy," Al-Aboudi said.

He noted that the Zionist regime's official had lost their mind after witnessing the huge attacks by the Resistance groups deep inside the occupied lands. 

"From the remarks made by the officials of the Zionist regime, we find to what extent this collapsing regime is suffering from the psychological and psychological pressure. They are trying to justify their heinous act and announced that they had targeted an Iranian military center in Damascus," he further asserted.

"They are trying to escape from the consequences of violating international law. However, these efforts do not save the Zionist regime from the consequences of the attack on the international stage. The Zionist regime attacked the consulate of one of the UN member states. Also, attacking the territory of another country that is not in all-out war with you can be considered as a declaration of war." 

The Iraqi political commentator further pointed out the Netanyahu-led regime is under immense internal pressure from protesters who have come to the streets to topple his regime. 

"Netanyahu is the one who failed in handling the war with Hamas and the Qassam Brigades," he further told Mehr.

He went on to note that the Palestinian Resistance has grown too strong and "Palestinian weapons have become a threat to the Zionists."

"Iran has always been blamed by the Zionists that the growth and progress of the Palestinian forces come from it.  Iran clearly declares its support for the Palestinian nation, and the last support Iran gave before this terrorist attack was the Islamic Republic's receiving of the leaders of the Palestinian groups in Tehran," he said elsewhere in the interview. 

"I would think that the main goal of the terrorist attack of the Zionist regime was to bring the Islamic Republic to a direct military confrontation in order to gain international support. I would argue that Iran's reaction will not be what the Zionists are waiting for. Iran will respond to this terrorist attack at the due time and place and according to the nature of the confrontation."


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