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Iran has potential to become energy hub in region: Raeisi

Iran has potential to become energy hub in region: Raeisi

TEHRAN, Mar. 02 (MNA) – President Ebrahim Raeisi said on Saturday that Iran intends to play a role in the global gas market given its huge reserves of natural gas, transit potential, and advanced technology.

President Raeisi made the remarks at the 7th Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Summit of Heads of State and Government in Algeria on Saturday.

He said that Iran's regional strategy is to increase the production and exports of natural gas, providing the clean and value-creating energy for more people in the region.

Raeisi stressed that Iran is ready to become the energy hub of the region and a safe route for the distribution and transit of gas between producers and consumption markets.​

He pointed out that the world needs convergence and consultation between governments and international organizations to overcome the challenges and move in the direction of development to help preserve nature and create a better future.

He noted that the right and comprehensive use of resources such as natural gas as a clean, safe, and efficient fuel will play an important role in this regard, adding that defining new routes for the natural gas trade is necessary.

Iranian president stated that the new policies should be drawn by the members of the forum to increase economic savings and joint investments to facilitate the necessary conditions for de-monopolizing the technologies related to the gas trade.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president pointed to the Zionist Israeli regime's genocidal war on Gaza and condemned the United States for its support to the continuation of the aggression and genocide of the Palestinians. 

He stressed that the Zionist regime had not achieved any of its goals in the war.

"Today in Palestine there are children who have a single piece of bread to eat, he pointed out, adding that "Thousands of people have been under the rubble for several months, and the relentless bombardment has not allowed to pull out their bodies."

"America's policies have put Gaza on the brink of a serious famine. The UN Security Council is unable to establish a ceasefire," the Iranain president further said.

Later in his address, Raeisi said that the hegemonic system led by the United States have been weakened, adding that the entire world is supporting the Palestinian cause from Latin America to Europe and Africa.


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