Goal of reciting Quran is to influence listeners: Leader

TEHRAN, Mar. 24 (MNA) – On the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with a number of the reciters of the Holy Quran in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah in Tehran.

During the meeting, he considered it necessary to combine the Quranic recitation gatherings with translations and interpretations of the verses of the Quran in order to convey its concepts and notions to the audience and leave an impact on them. He called on those who are experts on the Quran to try and find ways to address this important issue.

Ayatollah Khamenei expressed his gratitude to the Almighty God for blessing Iran with many outstanding reciters who recite the Quran well and correctly and who are familiar with good recitation methods.

"According to reports, the growth of the Quran index in the country is more than all other indices, and this is very pleasing," he said.

The Leader of the Revolution praised the reciters of the Quran for having a prominent and honorable mission and position, adding that this is because of their deliverance of God’s message to the hearts of the people.

"Listening to the Quran is an obligatory and necessary act of faith in the Lord and a foundation for receiving God’s mercy, which also provides the means for pondering and thinking about the divine verses. Therefore, one should be serious when it comes to reciting and listening to the Quran,” said the Leader.

In this regard, the Leader of the Revolution advised the general public to read at least one page of the Quran every day.

Ayatollah Khamenei considered the lack of familiarity of the people of our country with the language of the Quran as an obstacle in understanding its concepts. He underlined that Quranic experts should come up with solutions to this issue so that the great contents of the verses reach the ears of those who listen to the recitations.

The Leader called on all mosques to act as bases that promote the recitation of the Quran, adding that they should also provide interpretations of the recited verses to listeners.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the Holy Quran as a book of wisdom that encompasses lessons for all areas of life. “The Holy Quran is full of ideas and wisdom in all personal, family, social, governmental and even international relations fields, and one should pay serious attention to learning and applying these lessons. Fortunately, the necessary grounds that are required for this task are readily available today,” he added.

The Leader of the Revolution also advised the Quran reciters to be “influential reciters”, explaining that “the purpose of some recitations is to sing, and as seen in the recitation of some reciters, they seek to show off the tones and methods of recitation to their audience through the use of beautiful and active music. This kind of recitation is not desirable.”

He outlined that the goal of a good recitation is to leave on the impact on one’s audience. 

Ayatollah Khamenei considered it appropriate to use non-extreme methods of reciting the Quran to influence the listeners. While addressing the reciters of the Quran, he emphasized that reciting this Holy Book is a great, multidimensional art. “Remember that no matter what tone you choose for your recitation, do it with the intention of making an impact on the listener.”type of recitation, from the very beginning, your intention should be to influence the audience, and in this case, the reciter himself should first of all be influenced by the Quran.”

At the end of this gathering, the Maghrib and Isha prayers were led by Ayatollah Khamenei.

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